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Review form

Confidential Review Form

Issues in Educational Research

Articles under review and review forms are confidential.
The contents are not to be revealed to other persons.

Title of Manuscript: [Editor will insert title of the manuscript]

Please rate this paper on each of the following criteria by typing X into the appropriate cell.

PoorFairGoodV Gd
Manuscript presents an important issue in educational research

Analytical skills are evident

Literature review and references are up to date

Literature review and references relate to the research questions

Method and methodology is appropriate to research questions

Manuscript is clear, logical and concise

Conclusions are based on findings

Overall rating

Comments to Author

[Length may vary; reviewers are encouraged to provide as much formative feedback as is reasonably possible in the context of time constraints, the honorary nature of the peer review process, and the 'double blind' convention]

Please type the letter 'X' in an appropriate cell

Accept with minor revisions
Accept with major revisions
Reject, but invite to resubmit after rewrite

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