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Contents of Volume 29, 2019

Number 1 IIER 29(1) was published on 19 January 2019.

Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath and Anne Power Editorial 29(1): Revisiting some IIER statistics [HTML]
S. Chee Choy, Joanne Sau Ching Yim and Poh Leong Tan Mediating effects of quality learning on metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive experience and outcomes [Abstract]
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Vaille Dawson and Jennifer Shand Impact of support for preservice teachers placed in disadvantaged schools [Abstract]
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Madeleine Dobson and Susan Beltman Powerful and pervasive, or personal and positive? Views of young girls, parents and educators about media [Abstract]
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Elçin Emre-Akdoğan and Gönül Yazgan-Sağ Transformation of theoretical knowledge into instructional practice: A mathematics teacher's journey [Abstract]
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Behzad Ghonsooly and Tahereh Hassanzadeh Effect of interactionist dynamic assessment on English vocabulary learning: Cultural perspectives in focus [Abstract]
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Karen Guo and Kiyomi Kuramochi Exploring kyoiku: Children's educational experiences in Japanese kindergartens [Abstract]
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Ali Ibrahim and Shaikah Al-Taneiji Teacher satisfaction in Abu Dhabi schools: What the numbers did not say [Abstract]
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Young Ju Joo, Kyu Yon Lim and So Young Lee Project-based learning in capstone design courses for engineering students: Factors affecting learning outcomes [Abstract]
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Anuleena Kimanen Truth claims, commitment and openness in Finnish Islamic and Lutheran religious education classrooms [Abstract]
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Christopher Lange and Jamie Costley The negative impact of media diversity on self-regulated learning strategies and cognitive load [Abstract]
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Parinda Phanphech, Tanes Tanitteerapan and Elizabeth Murphy Explaining and enacting for conceptual understanding in secondary-school physics [Abstract]
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Clelia Pineda-Báez, Rosario Bernal-Luque, Luz Yolanda Sandoval-Estupiñan and Crisanto Quiroga Challenges facing novice principals: A study in Colombian schools using a socialisation perspective [Abstract]
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Denchai Prabjandee Unwelcome truths of the professional learning community policy in Thailand: Delving into teacher's sensemaking [Abstract]
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Mark Prendergast, Niamh O'Meara, Clare O'Hara, Lorraine Harbison and Ian Cantley Bridging the primary to secondary school mathematics divide: Teachers' perspectives [Abstract]
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Joanne Quick Literacy intervention provision in Victorian primary education: An analysis of online data [Abstract]
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Kristina Turner and Maryanne Pale The relationship between student attitude to school survey results and NAPLAN results [Abstract]
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