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Contents of Volume 30, 2020

Number 1 IIER 30(1) was published on 8 February 2020.

Roger Atkinson Editorial 30(1): Maintaining our Internet-based publishing infrastructure [HTML]
Serdar Arcagok and Cevdet Yımaz Intercultural sensitivities: A mixed methods study with pre-service EFL teachers in Turkey [Abstract]
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Roxanne T. Bongco and Adonis P. David Filipino teachers' experiences as curriculum policy implementers in the evolving K to 12 landscape [Abstract]
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Sven-Olof Yrjö Collin and Manuela Schmidt Does education influence students' moral orientation? A survey of business students at a Swedish University [Abstract]
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Madeleine Dobson and Jenny Jay "Instagram has well and truly got a hold of me": Exploring a parent's representation of her children [Abstract]
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Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi, Christine Nya-Ling Tan, Mahyuddin Daud and Muhammad Mukhtar Noor Awalludin University rankings: A review of methodological flaws [Abstract]
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Nilgün Günbaş and Meral Gözüküçük Digital listening texts versus traditional listening texts: Fourth graders' listening comprehension [Abstract]
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Ngô Vũ Thu Hằng Design of a competency-based moral lesson for teaching critical thinking skills in Vietnamese primary schools [Abstract]
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Zeki İpek, Ali Derya Atik, Şeref Tan and Figen Erkoç Awareness, exposure, and knowledge levels of science teachers about nanoscience and nanotechnology [Abstract]
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Christoper Jan Bacurin Landicho Secondary school students' attitudes and practices toward research writing and reporting in science [Abstract]
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Shosh Leshem Identity formations of doctoral students on the route to achieving their doctorate [Abstract]
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Evalena Lowe, Duncan Picknoll, Paola Chivers, Fiona Farringdon and Paul Rycroft Teacher-directed violence by students in Western Australia: An exploratory study [Abstract]
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Nives Mikelić Preradović, Tomislava Lauc and Ida Panev Investigating interactivity in instructional video tutorials for an undergraduate informatics course [Abstract]
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Abu Nawas Grading anxiety with self and peer-assessment: A mixed-method study in an Indonesian EFL context [Abstract]
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Rachel Parker and David Hodgson 'One size does not fit all': Engaging students who have experienced trauma [Abstract]
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Karen L. Peel Everyday classroom teaching practices for self-regulated learning [Abstract]
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Mark Prendergast, Máire Ní Ríordáin, Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, Patrick Johnson and Iseult O'Rourke An attitudinal snapshot of pre-service secondary mathematics teachers [Abstract]
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Rachel Sheffield, Susan Blackley and Dawn Bennett How future educators view themselves and their profession: A study of pre-service science educators [Abstract]
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Hanada Taha Thomure, Shereen Kreidieh and Sandra Baroudi Arabic children's literature: Glitzy production, disciplinary content [Abstract]
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Maria Tsakeni, Paul N. Munje and Loyiso C. Jita Instructional leadership sensemaking for science and maths in South African multi-deprived middle schools [Abstract]
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Mark B. Ulla, William F. Perales and Veronico N. Tarrayo Integrating Internet-based applications in English language teaching: Teacher practices in a Thai university [Abstract]
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Douglas Yeboah Teachers' perceptions of the abolition of caning in Ghanaian schools [Abstract]
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