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Contents of Volume 31, 2021

Number 1 IIER 31(1) was published on 4 April 2021.

Roger Atkinson Editorial 31(1): Is Google search essential for IIER? [HTML]
Aisha Bhatti and Rabia Ali Women constructing leadership identities in academia: Intersection of gender and culture [Abstract]
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Guat Im Bok Adult learners' challenges in distance learning: A case study in Universiti Sains Malaysia [Abstract]
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Urmee Chakma, Bingqing Li and Graise Kabuhung Creating online metacognitive spaces: Graduate research writing during the COVID-19 pandemic [Abstract]
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Geraldine Chell, Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann, Tuike Iiskala and Anna Dillon A comparative study of academic literacy in English medium instruction programs in UAE and Finland [Abstract]
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Vaughan Cruickshank, Shane Pill and Casey Mainsbridge 'Just do some physical activity': Exploring experiences of teaching physical education online during COVID-19 [Abstract]
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Jayson A. Dela Fuente Implementing inclusive education in the Philippines: College teacher experiences with deaf students [Abstract]
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Razieh Gholaminejad and Amin Raeisi-Vanani English language teaching in Iranian mainstream schools: Pedagogical, societal and government policy environments [Abstract]
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Zeina Hojeij, Lawrence Meda and Amir Kaviani Using reflective journals for analysing pre-service, early childhood teachers' perceptions of practicum experiences [Abstract]
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Valerie Lovejoy, Vaughan Prain, Chris Musk, Lydia Poljak, Drew Roberts and Iain Stewart What teachers learn from science and arts integration in a design-based learning framework: An Australian study [Abstract]
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Fatma Özüdoğru Learning from Turkish preservice teachers' experiences with emergency remote teaching: A phenomenological study [Abstract]
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Carmel Patterson and Suzanne MacQueen Drawing on two methodological approaches: A collaborative approach to interview interpretation [Abstract]
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Simmone Pogorzelski, Susan Main and Susan Hill A survey of Western Australian teachers' use of texts in supporting beginning readers [Abstract]
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Cynthia P. Raffe and Tony Loughland "We're not data analysts": Teachers' perspectives on factors impacting their use of student assessment data [Abstract]
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Mohammad Mosiur Rahman Complex dynamic systems of language teacher cognitions: A case study from Bangladesh [Abstract]
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Armend Tahirsylaj Placing Kosovo in the didaktik-curriculum continuum: A quantitative, international comparative perspective [Abstract]
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Oya Tamtekin Aydın Why do international students choose Turkish universities and what are the challenges they encounter? [Abstract]
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Päivi Virtanen and Anu Laine Grounds for differences in motivation among Finnish student teachers and novice primary school teachers [Abstract]
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Rebecca Walker, Rhonda Oliver and Ross Mackenzie Group differences in secondary school students' perceptions of feedback [Abstract]
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