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Issues in Educational Research, 2021, Vol 31(3), 871-890.
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Exploring factors influencing the performance of high-achieving secondary schools in Lesotho

Mapheleba Lekhetho
University of South Africa, South Africa

The Lesotho education system is largely ineffective, as evidenced by high failure rates in the school-leaving examinations. The situation is linked to ineffective primary education, due to poor teacher quality, weak school management, and a lack of resources, which have carry-over effects on secondary education. Despite these, some secondary schools consistently produce good Grade 12 results. To probe this phenomenon, data was collected through questionnaires from 374 Grade 12 students at 13 high-performing secondary schools. The findings revealed that the main reason for their excellent performance was the stringent selectivity of students in Grade 8, effective school leadership, and teacher efficiency. To improve the effectiveness of Lesotho secondary schools, it is recommended that teacher quality, school management, monitoring, and professional development be intensified aggressively in primary and secondary schools as the two sectors are interlinked.
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Author: Professor Mapheleba Lekhetho is an associate professor of education management in the Department of Educational Leadership and Management within the College of Education at the University of South Africa. His research interests include school effectiveness, quality assurance, professional development, and distance education.
Email: lekhem@unisa.ac.za

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