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Issues in Educational Research, 2021, Vol 31(4), 1156-1174.
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The impacts of learning English on Iranians' everyday life: An ethnographic example from Piranshahr

Mehdi Moharami and Samran Daneshfar
Monash University, Australia

English as an international language has widely spread its realm throughout the world. The number of Iranians learning English in both public and private education sectors is significant and this has alarmed the authorities. They believe learners' interest and attachment to English is due to the hegemony and globalisation of English. In this study, the researchers using ethnographic methodology interpret their observations from Piranshahr, a small town in Iran, to provide an understanding of the resident's language learning and their everyday practices. We explore the ways Iranians benefit from English in their social interaction along with other available linguistic resources in the country. Despite authorities who define globalisation as a totalising force on the language learners, our observations highlight learners' agency. This study shows the significance of agency in learners' everyday practices and shifts in traditions. People in Piranshahr find English language learning, besides the officials' emphasis on the use of Persian, as a panacea for their current global needs.
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Authors: Mehdi Moharami is a recent PhD graduate in education at Monash University, Australia. Mehdi researches the influence of English language learning on identity formation and practices of language learners. Mehdi is interested in language policy, culture, TESOL, and applied linguistics.
Email: mehdi.moharami@monash.edu

Samran Daneshfar is a PhD candidate in education at Monash University, Australia. Samran was a primary school teacher and English as a foreign language teacher in Iran. His areas of interest are applied linguistics, language education and cultural-historical theory in language education.
Email: samran.daneshfar@monash.edu

Please cite as: Moharami, M. & Daneshfar, S. (2021). The impacts of learning English on Iranians' everyday life: An ethnographic example from Piranshahr. Issues in Educational Research, 31(4), 1156-1174. http://www.iier.org.au/iier31/moharami.pdf

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