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Contents of Volume 12, 1996

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1996, Vol. 12, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 12(1) ii
Thomas A. O'Donoghue and Vivian Hill Education through the graduate's eye: The recollections and viewpoints of the graduates of a Western Australian fundamental Christian school 1-16
Ian Macpherson Teaching curriculum studies in tertiary education programs as a basis for teachers to engage in transformative curriculum practice 17-37
Julie BrownPanel Discussion - Politics and teaching in the nineties: Implications for classroom teachers

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Roy Lundin 43
Lorrie Maher 47
Robin Sullivan 51
Navigating in a sea of change Website editor is seeking a copy of 12(1), page 56 to enable its inclusion 56

1996, Vol. 12, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 12(2) v
Louisa Webb, Griffith University Leadership in Health and Physical Education in Queensland Secondary Schools 2
Jill Manitzky and Debra Cunningham, Board of Teacher Registration, Queensland Teachers working with young adolescents 2
Grier Johnson, Griffith University Teaching English as a non-unitary S/subject 3
Robert Peard, Queensland University of Technology Teaching probability pre-service primary teacher education students 5
Janet Taylor, David Ross, Michael Morgan and Glen Postle, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba Mathematics support for 1st year Engineering students: an operational model for students studying at a distance 5
Barry Tainton, Department of Education Research perspectives from the 1995 Year 6 Test, the Year 2 Net and the assessment of performance program 6
Nicole Blair, Griffith University Teaching styles in secondary school Physical Education: teacher perceptions 7
Glen Postle, John Clarke, Eric Skuja, David Bull and Helen McCann, University of Southern Queensland Australian higher education sector performance with student equity (1990-1995) 8
Linda Galligan, University of Southern Queensland Word problems involving relational statements: a Chinese-English comparison 8
Margaret Fletcher, Griffith University Investigation of the writing experiences of undergraduate BEd students 9
James Watters and Ian Ginns, Centre for Mathematics and Science Education, Queensland University of Technology Effective teaching of Science in primary schools: Innovative professional development 10
Mary Daniels, Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland Year two children's writing development 11
Peter Price, Centre for Mathematics and Science Education, Queensland University of Technology Teacher presence and its effects on computational choices made by Year 5-7 students 11
Carmel Diezmann, Centre for Mathematics and Science Education, Queensland University of Technology The difficulties students have using diagrams as a problem solving tool 12
Letitia Whitmore, Queensland University of Technology Power of discourse: women's entry/re-entry into the paid workforce 12
Queensland School Curriculum Office Update on curriculum initiatives 13
Bill Atweh, Tania Aspland, Derek Bland, Leonie Daws, Louise Dornan and Lindy Moffatt Student action research for university access (SARUA) project 14
Noeline Kyle, Joanne Scott, Catherine Manathunga and Allan Cumming, Queensland University of Technology Writing the histories of QUT 14
Maria Dobrenov-Major, Faculty of Education, Griffith University The impact on students of the German immersion program at Kenmore State High School and the implications for the development of immersion mode of teaching 15
Maj Reugebrink Why rural school-leavers decline higher education offers 15
Trevor Meldon Examining ourselves: Fitzgerald, Goss and reforming Queensland 1987-96 16
Feng Guo, Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland Workplace reform through overseas experience - the pre-departure training component to enhance learning 17
Samuela Bogitini, Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland The development of Fijian identity in schools 18
Merrilyn Goos, Peter Galbraith and Peter Renshaw, The University of Queensland Collaborative mathematical discussion 18
Karen Moni, The Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland The inner and outer worlds of the researcher 19
Karen Chalmers, The Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland Sole parents experience of tertiary education 19
Richard Wah, The Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland A post-colonial perspective of distance education - a case study of The University of the South Pacific 20
Rhondel Johannessen, The University of Queensland 'New Federalism' and the competitive state: regulation, deregulation and the Australian teaching council 20
Trevor Gale, Central Queensland University Theoretical, empirical and methodological questions for researchers of higher education entry policy: A mapping 21
Peter Moodie, Rockhampton Grammar School and Wendy Smith, Crescent Lagoon State School Capricornia educators' pilot development consortium 22
Jillian Taylor, Graduate School of Education, The University of Queensland A retrospective evaluation of the most effective and least restrictive interventions in autism 23
Daisy Webster, Queensland University of Technology A study of Australian educational aid to Kenya 23
Janet Taylor and Michael Morgan, University of Southern Queensland Engineering studies by distance education - the hidden barrier: An Australian perspective 25-32
John Watts, University of Central Queensland Student ratings of lecturer-related characteristics most conductive to establishing and maintaining an ideal learning environment in higher education 33-47

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