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Editorial 12(1)

This issue of Queensland Researcher presents two parts dealing with quite different issues as well as recording the papers by some of the speakers from the recent Panel-Discussion sponsored by the Institute titled "Politics and Teaching in the Nineties: Implications for Classroom Teachers".

The paper by O'Donoghue and Hill records the views of graduates of some fundamental Christian schools in Western Australia. In general, the graduates have positive reflections about their schooling and the values and spirituality their schools engendered. At the same time they offer some suggestions for improvements in those institutions. Macpherson's paper draws on personal experiences in his curriculum teaching responsibilities at Queensland University of Technology, identifying some implications for teaching curriculum studies where empowerment for transformative curriculum practice is 'encouraged'. He draws on both his own reflections and those of the teachers enrolled in the curriculum unit.

The papers from the "Politics and Teaching" Panel-Discussion record the views of practitioner, academic and administrator with respect to key "political" issues impacting on classroom teachers. The diverse perspectives taken to the topic by the presenters makes for challenging reading and response.

Readers of Queensland Researcher are reminded that the next issue of the journal will record the abstracts from presentations from the 1996 Annual QIER Research Forum.

Please cite as: QIER (1997). Editorial 12(1). Queensland Researcher, 12(1), ii. http://education.curtin.edu.au/iier/qjer/qr12/editorial12-1.html

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