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Editorial 3(2)

A major part of this issue of 'Queensland Researcher' is devoted to the Institute's 1987 J.A. Robinson Memorial Lecture. The significance of this year's Lecture, 'Reflections on the Impact of Research on Educational Policy and Practice', is two-fold. First, the Lecture was delivered by one of Queensland's most eminent educationalists, the former Director-General of Education, George Berkeley. In his paper, Mr Berkeley challenged researchers on several aspects. Second, we are able to publish three responses to Mr Berkeley's paper by Dr Sam Rayner (former Registrar, University of Queensland and President of the Executive, Australian Council for Educational Research), Mr John Fitzgerald (Assistant Director, Research and Curriculum Services, Queensland Department of Education) and Professor Glen Evans (Department of Education, University of Queensland). Dr Rayner draws on his vast and varied experiences to counter some of Mr Berkeley's challenges. While similarly addressing some of Mr Berkeley's arguments, Mr Fitzgerald and Professor Evans provide broader perspectives on the impact of research on policy and practice. In replying to the responses Mr Berkeley takes 'the view that the two responses broaden out the position I took as well as providing some answers to my criticisms and adopting a more optimistic approach'.

The President of the Institute, Mr R. Warry, provides an introduction to the papers by highlighting some of the contributions James Robinson made to education and the significance of the Lecture to QIER's activities.

The journal's regular features provide insights into some topical issues. For example, 'Research Reports' contains overviews of studies which looked at the ELIC Telecourse Program and Senior Secondary Subjects Selection by boys and girls.

Finally, we invite members and friends to attend the dinner-meeting to be held in conjunction with the World Education Fellowship on 17 September. The guest speaker is the distinguished academic, Professor Malcolm Skilbeck, Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University. Professor Skilbeck's paper is titled, 'Curriculum for Basic Schooling: An Interactional Perspective'. Members are also asked to note the Institute's Annual General Meeting to be held on 18 November at the University of Queensland. The AGM will be followed by a discussion on Senior Colleges and Post-Compulsory Education.

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