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Editorial 3(3)

This, the third and final issue of 'Queensland Researcher' for 1987, should provide readers with some thought provoking ideas, particularly some of those raised in the two leading articles. In the first, Norm Alford raises some important issues for debate in considering some of the challenges, especially at the post-compulsory years, as we move towards the year 2000. Mike Middleton then provides some stimulating insights into what he terms 'schooling's credibility problems' and suggests some of the ways we might think about addressing them. He argues that the answer is in the classroom itself!

We also welcome the opportunity to publish a paper prepared by a student. Ms Prideaux reports on a study she carried out looking at self-efficacy end educational and career options for girls. Reader response to this paper (and for that matter any of the material published in 'Queensland Researcher') is welcome.

The regular feature 'Research Reports' focuses on a Queensland Department of Education initiative in the area of school development as well as providing a summary of the findings of some schools trials involving computers and reading and learning in secondary art and manual arts.

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