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The purpose of this section is to publish information regarding studies that are in the planning or implementation stages. It will not only serve to inform readers of current initiatives but also to facilitate exchange of information among researchers working in the same area.

With respect to each project, it is planned to list the topic, the research(s), the institution (if sny) through which the project is being conducted, a contact address and/or telephone number, and a brief description of the project itself.

Intending contributors should send the appropriate details to:

The Editor
'Queensland Researcher'
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Queensland Department of Education
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Title:Evaluation of Hervey Bay College - A Senior College of the Department of Education, Queensland.


The Queensland Department of Education is conducting a three-year evaluation of the establishment and early development of the Hervey Bay College. The specific purpose for undertaking the evaluation is to provide formative information for decision makers in Head and Regional Office, and in the College. This information will also provide a basis for public reporting. Fundamental criteria for the evaluation are efficiency, feasibility and appropriateness of impact.

In order to address adequately the many important aspects of the Hervey Bay College concept, several evaluation approaches are necessary; namely, an on-going internal evaluation, and a series of external evaluations. Each of these approaches has unique capabilities and different sets of responsibilities for implementation. It is anticipated that the internal evaluation will be a source of information concerning the major descriptive features of the institution. The external evaluations will respond predominantly, but not exclusively, to the information requirements of Head and Regional Office personnel. They will also assist the College with its information needs, particularly by testing the validity of the interpretations made by College staff with respect to institutional data.

The evaluation activities are being co-ordinated by an Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Policy and Management Committee, New Colleges which has representatives from the Division of Secondary Education, TAFE and Curriculum Services and from the ACER. The Sub-Committee acts as a reference group to assist with the identification of information needs, co ordinate evaluation activities, authorise reports, and identify specific responsibilities for the conduct of the evaluations.

Hervey Bay College

The Hervey Bay College is unique in Queensland education. It offers, on a single campus, full-time and part-time courses which lead to further education at universities, colleges and institutes of advanced education, colleges of TAFE, or to vocations in industry and commerce, or to the fulfilment of personal educational interests. For those who seek recurrent education, the College provides relevant service, recreational and personal development programs. Programs are provided in a caring environment that encourages responsibility, respect, good citizenship and a kind of discipline that comes from within.

Evaluation Reports

Evaluation reports are being produced in a series format. The following reports in this series are currently available:

Number 1:  Broad Framework for Proposed Evaluations Associated with the Establishment and Development of the Hervey Bay College.
Number 2:A Descriptive Profile of Hervey Bay College, May 1986.
Number 3:Some Perceptions and Attitudes Held by Students After the First Six Months' Operation of Hervey Bay College.

Report Number 1

This document provides the broad framework for the evaluations associated with the establishment and development of the Hervey Bay College, and was developed prior to the opening of the College.

The primary purposes of the document are to:

The broad framework for the evaluation is developed through consideration and discussion of the following:

Report Number 2

This document provides a descriptive overview of the purpose, organisational structure, offerings and student population of Hervey Bay College as at 30 April 1986. Aspects addressed are: In the preface, the reader is reminded that the establishment of any institution involves a process of on-going development, and that some modifications to information contained in the document may already have occurred.

Report Number 3

The purpose of this document is to provide insights into the perceptions and attitudes of students regarding aspects of their education at Hervey Bay College. The information presented was collected in three ways in June 1986. Information collected from teachers and students at Hervey Bay College suggest that: Any comments or enquiries concerning the evaluation can be directed to:
Research Services Branch
Department of Education
P. O Box 33
North Quay Q 4002
or by telephoning Neil Cranston, Larry Smith or Ann Rohde (227 7204, 227 7940).

Please cite as: QIER (1987). Studies in progress 3(1). Queensland Researcher, 3(1), 35-39. http://www.iier.org.au/qjer/qr3/studies-3-1.html

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