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Editorial 4(1)

The major articles in this, the first issue of "Queensland Researcher" for 1988, provide reports on three quite different aspects of education.

In a report of a research project involving the identification of instances of language transfer for Vietnamese students, the first paper by Kerr, provides suggestions for appropriate teaching responses in order facilitate learning. Cunningham then outlines a major study undertaken by the Board of Teacher Education in 1987 into the research activities of teacher educators in Queensland's higher education institutions. The material presented in this paper provided the background for a research symposium held in late 1987. The third paper by Brimbole reports on a research project which investigated the importance of classroom modelling as an aspect of in-service for teachers in the writing process.

The regular features of the journal, such as 'Research Reports' and 'Thesis Abstracts' should continue to keep readers up to date with recent significant research and evaluation activities. The overview of evaluation activities at Alexandra Hills College during its first year, for example, provides readers with insights into the operation of one of the more significant initiatives, in the form of Senior Colleges, in post-compulsory education in recent years in Australia.

The Editorial Panel has agreed to devote a future issue of the journal to the theme of aspects of educational provision in the Torres Strait. It is expected that many of the challenges associated with this provision will be addressed by the contributors.

The Panel would be happy to receive suggestions for other themes for future issues of the journal. Suggestions and articles can be sent to the address in the front of the journal.

Please cite as: QIER (1988). Editorial 4(1). Queensland Researcher, 4(1), 3. http://www.iier.org.au/qjer/qr4/editorial4-1.html

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