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Editorial 4(3)

The two lead articles in this, the final issue of Queensland Researcher for 1988, represent two contrasting types of studies. The first by Hobbs and Cronk provides a progress evaluation summary of the curriculum development process for a number of new syllabuses for Years 11 and 12 subjects. It is argued that the process adopted should ensure that the new subjects will be perceived to be both valid and useful. The second article by Norton reports a small research study into aspects of aggression in young children, and measurement by observation. One of the conclusions reached by Norton is that the process of observing and categorising aggressive behaviour is complex.

Other regular features of Queensland Researcher, 'Research Reports' and 'Thesis Abstracts', report on a variety of studies including areas such as Languages Other Than English, the Participation and Equity Program and Receptive Communication Abilities of Hearing-Impaired Students.

The last issue, devoted entirely to the theme of aspects of education for children in the Torres Strait, attracted a lot of positive comment. The Editorial Panel would be pleased to receive suggestions for possible future themes—perhaps one issue per year could focus on a single theme. With State schools in Queensland soon to be involved in the formulation of School Development Plans, perhaps a theme contributing to an area such as School-Level Review and Monitoring Processes might be of interest. Your ideas are welcome.

QIER gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Janine McKenna and Helene Carroll to the success of the Queensland Researcher. Their typing skills and layout/presentation of the journal are greatly appreciated.

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