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Editorial 6(2)

Welcome to the second issue of Queensland Researcher for 1990.

Once again the journal offers articles across a range of topics. While this diversity probably means that most readers will find at least one item of interest, the Editorial Panel would be happy to devote an entire issue to a particular theme if the readership thought it valuable. There are many 'current' topics in education - school review and development, performance indicators, P-10 Curriculum, Senior Schooling, literacy and numeracy standards in schools, tertiary entrance procedures, foreign languages, particularly in primary schools, professional development ... We would be pleased to hear from potential authors and/or guest editors who might like to 'adopt' one or other of these topics (or others) for a future issue of the Queensland Researcher.

For this issue ... the major papers begin with Malcolm Rosier overviewing some of the more interesting and significant findings regarding science achievement and related matters in Queensland to emerge from the IEA Second International Science Study. Peter Hallinan then reports on a small scale study exploring the assessment of student ability in a Queensland tertiary institution through the subjective perception of the teacher. Richard Dunlop's paper looks at questions of teacher support with regard to the implementation of elements of the P10 Curriculum, and in so doing draws on a number of studies undertaken within the Department of Education (Queensland). Claire Gilligan uses the literature to develop a rationale for the use of 'case study' methodologies in curriculum evaluation. Practical examples of the implementation of such methodologies would make an interesting follow-up article.

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