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The Australian Education Review is a series of monographs on subjects of current significance and emerging importance to Australian education. Up to three issues are produced each year.

Offers of manuscripts are welcome. Reviews are usually no more than 100 pages in length and should be written for a general audience. All manuscripts are subjected to peer review before acceptance for publication. Further information on the requirements for manuscripts is available from Laurance Splitter, Editor, Australian Education Review, ACER, PO Box 210, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122.

Editorial Board

Neil Baumgart, General Manager, Schools Program Branch, Ministry of Education, Victoria.

Len King, Head, Educational Studies, Western Australian College of Advanced Education.

Helen Praetz, General Manager, State Board of Education, Victorian Ministry of Education.

Laurance Splitter, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research.

Recent Australian Education Reviews

Australian International Relations in Education
Phillip W. Jones, 1986.
Teacher Unionism in the 1980s: Four Perspectives
Andrew Spaull, Robert White, Kate Nash and Adrian Vicary, 1986.
Passages from Secondary School to Higher Education
Ron Toomey (Ed.), 1987.
School and Disability: Research Practice in Integration
Josephine Jenkinson, 1987.
English Language in Australian Schools: Towards a Practical Framework
Kevin Piper, 1988.
Teacher Appraisal: Issues and Approaches
Edited by Jan Lokan and Phillip McKenzie, 1989.
Social Studies: In Search of a Rationale
Gerald Johnston, 1989.
Continuing Professional Education
Barrie Brennan, 1990.

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