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Can you find some speakers?

The Northern Territory Institution for Educational Research (NTIER) hopes to arrange a series of speakers jointly sponsored (not financially) by the IERs nationwide during the two back-to-back conferences (ACE and ACEA) being held in Darwin, July 1992, to help raise the profile of the IERs nationally. The presentation should be related to the theme of ACE or the theme of ACEA but with a research emphasis. We have nine or ten slots reserved for us.

It is not proposed that any IER should be paying anybody's expenses, i.e. we are basically looking for speakers who were already planning on coming and/or are willing to pay their own expenses.

Gypsy Durling
President NTIER
Tel: (089) 892 977 (BH)
(089) 816 933 (AH)
Fax: (089) 892 700

New from ACER

Science Learning in Victorian Schools: 1990 Research Monograph No. 41

Raymond J. Adams
Brian A. Doig
Malcolm Rosier

Over the past decade or more, a good deal of research has been undertaken to examine the underlying scientific beliefs that children hold about scientific constructs. This research has revealed that children build their own unique conceptions of the physical world. A survey undertaken by the Australian Council for Educational Research at the request of the Victorian Ministry of Education provides a detailed analysis of these scientific beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and practical skills of a sample of Victorian school children in Years 5 and 9. Science Learning in Victorian Schools: 1990 gives a detailed account of the study and reports on how these students view the world scientifically, especially with regard to:

Force and Motion
Earth and Space
Structure of Matter
Light and Sight

Topics are described by the ways in which the children wrote and drew about them--and from the data on each a continuum of developing understanding was established. These continua enable the reader to see how science experiences are used by children to explain their world.

Other aspects of the study explored children's interest in learning science, children's view of the relevance of science to themselves and society, and the patterns of science teaching practice in Victorian schools. Children's performance on practical science tasks are also reported.

This timely and enlightening study, which reveals children's scientific thinking as complex and rational, forms a solid basis for teaching and learning in science.

ISBN: 0 86431 108 7; Pages: 156
Price: $29.95; Release date: December 1991

School Industry Links: The Consequences of Minding Other People's Business

Australian Education Review No. 34

Bronte Price

Until a few years ago, one of the criticisms most often levelled at schools was that they failed adequately to prepare young people entering the workforce. In recent times throughout the world a climate of cooperation has emerged between the education and industry sectors.

This book provides a comprehensive examination of school industry links and discusses the benefits of increased interaction for students, teachers, employers, unionists and parents. It includes:

The book stresses the need for principles of equity and social justice to be applied in any school industry links program and provides suggestions as to how school industry links can reduce disadvantage. It is a valuable resource for anyone contemplating, planning or carrying out school industry links.

ISBN: 0 86431 100 1; Pages: 104
Price: $19.95; Release date: November 1991

Australian Council for Educational Research
PO Box 210
Hawthorn Vic 3122
Tel: (03) 819 1400
Fax: (03) 819 5502

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