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Editorial 9(2)

Once again, the Queensland Institute for Educational Research is pleased to be able to publish the abstracts/summaries of presentations from its annual Research Forum. Once again, the Forum was extremely successful attracting almost 50 displays and 100 visitors. The Forum was formally addressed by Professor John Stevenson of Griffith University who spoke on the topic of Researching the Relationship between Vocational and General Education. We are fortunate to be able to publish the text of this excellent presentation as an introduction to the abstracts/summaries.

The Executive would like to formally acknowledge the valuable and vital contribution of members and supporters of QIER to the Forum. Without the 'behind the scenes' contributions, events such as the Research Forum would not proceed, certainly not without the success achieved. In particular, the efforts of Maj Reugebrink are noted. In addition the Executive wishes to thank Barry Cameron and the major 'sponsorship' support provided by the Tertiary Entrance Procedures Authority (TEPA) to the Forum. Coordination, management and organisation by Maj and TEPA staff were vital to the Forum's success. The Executive is grateful to all who contributed.

Further information on particular research projects can be obtained by contacting the authors through the institution nominated in the abstract. Please contact other researchers with similar interests to your own or interests quite new - in this way the impact of the forum will continue after the event.

Please cite as: QIER (1993). Editorial 9(2). Queensland Researcher, 9(2), ii. http://education.curtin.edu.au/iier/qjer/qr9/editorial9-2.html

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