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Editorial 9(3)

This, the third issue of Queensland Researcher for 1993, provides an interesting mixture of articles, book reviews and thesis abstracts. The range of studies, methodologies and presentation of findings illustrates an interesting cross-section of research and evaluation studies and activities being undertaken in the 'local' education community. As demonstrated by the recent highly successful QIER Research Forum, they indicate the valuable contributions being made by Queensland researchers to education. We trust we will be able to continue to publish papers and other materials of a similar quality and interest.

Readers interested in submitting an item for inclusion in Queensland Researcher are encouraged to contact a member of the editorial panel to discuss their ideas. Established researchers and those undertaking higher degrees are invited to contribute to the journal.

To facilitate contact among the research community and the institute, we publish on the final page of the journal the 1994 members of the QIER Executive. You are encouraged to liaise with these office bearers to find out more about the activities of QIER and/or to contribute suggestions for future initiatives for QIER to undertake.

We wish all readers, particularly members of the Institute, best wishes for the Christmas-New Year period.

Please cite as: QIER (1993). Editorial 9(3). Queensland Researcher, 9(2), ii. http://education.curtin.edu.au/iier/qjer/qr9/editorial9-3.html

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