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Brief history Issues in Educational Research is a refereed academic research journal founded by the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research in 1991. From 1995, IIER has been published jointly by Australia's Institutes for Educational Research in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

IIER was published in print format from 1991 until the end of 2007. In December 2007, at the time of publishing IIER 17(2), we announced it to be the last printed issue [Archival: Print version covers], and that in future IIER would be online only, with open access. Currently IIER is published in four issues per year (in some years prior to 2003, only one issue was published). From 2008, articles were available in PDF format as well as HTML format, changing to PDF only in 2018.

Publication in IIER is free, that is, IIER does not require any payment of page or publication charges by authors. IIER is an open access journal, that is all content is freely available over the Internet to any reader.

In September 2004 the Queensland Journal of Educational Research merged with Issues in Educational Research. A full QJER archive is now in development for IIER's website, to recognise and preserve the substantial contribution that QJER made to scholarly publishing of educational research in Australia, from its inception in 1985 until its final volume in 2003.

Website publication of IIER commenced during 1997, when Volumes 1-7 (1991-1997) were placed on IIER's first website, kindly provided by the Academic Services Unit at Murdoch University. In August 2001, website sponsorship was taken up by the Faculty of Education at Curtin University of Technology. We record with appreciation Curtin University's five years of website sponsorship for IIER and WAIER. On 18 May 2006 IIER moved to a new website under its own domain name,, sponsored by WAIER.

During 1995-2007 subscriptions to the printed version of IIER were a part of the membership benefits for members of the Institutes for Educational Research in NSW, SA and WA. In 2008, following the retirement of the printed version, the use of paid subscriptions ended. However, any reader may elect to obtain a free subscription in the form of an emailing list to notify subscribers about the online publication of each new issue and invitations to contribute to special issues [IIER Alerts].

IIER's 2010 ranking in the Australian Research Council's Tiers for the Australian Ranking of Journals is "Tier B", although IIER declined to endorse the premises underlying the "Four tiers" [see IIER Editorial 20(3) for discussion].

Submissions Contributors are invited to consult IIER's Notes for intending authors for submission details.

All articles published in IIER have been subjected to a double blind peer review process with 2 or 3 reviews per article. We record with gratitude the voluntary work by IIER's panel of reviewers [Thanking IIER Reviewers]

Submissions for IIER are invited at any time

Submission address is
If a junkmail filter blocks sending, or if the editor address
is not functional, email
Please read [Notes for intending authors] before submission.

The address may be used only for submissions of articles or associated correspondence. Invitations to join a social networking site will be discarded and the sender risks being flagged as a 'banned' sender.
Copyright Authors are not required to assign copyright in their articles to IIER. Articles published in IIER appear under Creative Commons licence "BY ND". Authors do not need a permission to include their IIER articles in an institutional repository or other outlets.

   Creative Commons License
   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
   Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License
Indexing IIER is indexed in the following:
Editorial staff Co-Editors
(interim, from July 2018, in alpha order)

Dr Roger Atkinson

Dr Clare McBeath

Assoc Prof Anne Power
School of Education, Western Sydney University

from 1992
Dr Clare McBeath
Unit 5, 202 Coode Street
Como WA 6152, Australia
formerly Faculty of Education, Curtin University

Business and Website Manager
from Feb 2003
Dr Roger Atkinson
Unit 5, 202 Coode Street
Como WA 6152, Australia

Leonard Freeman
College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts
Charles Darwin University

Dr Antoinette Geagea
formerly School of Education, Murdoch University
Associate Editors

Dr Christine Glass
formerly School of Education, Murdoch University

Dr Saul Karnovsky
School of Education, Curtin University

Dr Kirsten Lambert
School of Education, Murdoch University

Assoc Prof Judy MacCallum
School of Education, Murdoch University

Dr Chris Perry
formerly School of Education, Deakin University

Dr Marie Quinn
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences University of Technology Sydney

Dr Janene Sproul
School of Education, Murdoch University

Dr Birut Zemits
College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts Charles Darwin University

Editorial staff work is honorary and the Institutes acknowledge with warm appreciation the dedicated services from current and previous editorial staff.

Editorial Board Dr Angelina Ambrosetti
    Central Queensland University

Dr Roger Atkinson
    Business and Website Manager, IIER

Dr David Curtis
    Flinders University

Prof Brian Devlin
    Charles Darwin University

Dr Katherine Dix
    Australian Council for Educational Research

Professor Meeri Hellstén
    Stockholm University

Associate Professor Marcus Henning
    University of Auckland

Prof Dr Ewald Kiel
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Dr Judy MacCallum
    Murdoch University

Dr Clare McBeath
    Publisher, IIER

Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden
    formerly Edith Cowan University

Dr Mia O'Brien
    School of Education and Professional Studies,
    Griffith University,

Dr Chris Perry
    formerly Deakin University

Dr Anne Power
    University of Western Sydney

Previous Editors Assoc Prof Anne Power, Western Sydney University (March 2014- )
Professor Meeri Hellstén, Södertörn University, Sweden (March 2011-March 2014)
Dr Clare McBeath, Faculty of Education, Curtin University (May 2001-March 2011)
Dr Tony Fetherston, School of Education, Edith Cowan University (2001, No.1)
Professor Sid Bourke, Faculty of Education, University of Newcastle (1996-2000)
Michael J. Dunkin, The University of New South Wales (1995)
John Hall, Curtin University of Technology (joint editor 1992-94)
Andrew Sooby, Murdoch University (joint editor 1993-94)
Alison Lee, Murdoch University (joint editor 1992)
Laurence Chiang, TAFE Western Australia (1991)

Previous Associate Editors
A/Prof John Buchanan
    University of Technology, Sydney (2011-Apr 2018)
Dr Anne Coffey
    The University of Notre Dame Australia (2018-2020)
Dr Eva Dobozy
    Curtin University (Nov 2009-Aug 2012)
Dr Angela Evangelina-Yiannakis
    The University of Western Australia (2018-2019)
Dr Veronica Gardiner
    School of Education, Murdoch University>
Dr David Hastie
   Alphacrucis College, NSW, Sep 2017-July 2018
Professor Meeri Hellstén
    Södertörn University, Sweden (2008-March 2011)
Dr Mia O'Brien
    Griffith University (2018-2019)

Dr Coral Pepper
formerly Curtin University (2016 to Jan 2021)
Assoc Prof Leah Moore
    University of Canberra (Sep 2017-Jun 2019)
Dr Jenni Parker
    formerly Murdoch University (2016-18)
Dr Anne Power
    University of Western Sydney (March 2011-March 2014)
Dr Kwong Nui Sim
    Auckland University of Technology (2021-22)
Rita Tognini
    formerly Dept of Education, Western Australia (2016-18)
Dr Natasha Wardman
    Australian Catholic University (Sep 2017-May 2020)
Dr Siew Fong Yap
    School of Education, Curtin University, Jan-Dec 2020
Previous Editorial Board members
Assoc Prof Tim Allender
    The University of Sydney
Prof Colin Gibbs (2008-2013)
    Auckland University of Technology

Dr Jan Gray (2008-2012)
    Edith Cowan University

Assoc Prof John McCormick
    University of Wollongong

Dr Zsuzsanna Millei (2008-2014)
    University of Newcastle

Dr Karen Murcia (2008-2013)
    Murdoch University

Assoc Prof Cheryl Sim (2004-2017)
    Griffith University

Dr Kevin Watson (2008-2012)
    University of Western Sydney

IIER Management Committee from Aug 2001 to Dec 2007
Dr Brian Astill
    Flinders University
Assoc Prof Brian Devlin
    Charles Darwin University
Dr Chris Perry
    Deakin University
Assoc Prof Allyson Holbrook
    University of Newcastle
Dr John McCormick
    University of NSW
Dr Cheryl Sim
    Griffith University

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