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Contents of Volume 17, 2007

Number 1 The distribution of printed copies of Volume 17 Number 1 (2007) commenced on 1 May 2007. The full text web version was released on 1 May 2007.

Clare McBeath Editorial v-vi
Richard G. Berlach & Keith McNaught Outcomes based education? Rethinking the provision of compulsory education in Western Australia 1-14
Richard Cooper An investigation into constructivism within an outcomes based curriculum 15-39
David Hodgson Towards a more telling way of understanding early school leaving 40-61
Glenda Jackson Home education transitions with formal schooling: Student perspectives 62-84
Francis Mangubhai, Perc Marland, Ann Dashwood & Jeong-Bae Son Framing communicative language teaching for better teacher understanding 85-106
Andrea Penrose, Chris Perry and Ian Ball Emotional intelligence and teacher self efficacy: The contribution of teacher status and length of experience 107-126
Anthony Stokes Factors influencing the decisions of university students to become high school teachers 127-145

Book review: Awards and recognition for exceptional teachers: K-12 and community college programs in the U.S.A., Canada and other countries 146-147

Number 2 The distribution of printed copies of Volume 17 Number 2 (2007) commenced on 20 Dec 2007. The full text web version was released on 22 Dec 2007.

After consultation with other Institutes for Educational Research, WAIER Committee discussed IIER's printed version at its meetings in May and September. Committee agreed that IIER 17(2) would be the last printed issue, and that future issues of IIER will be online, open access only. We thank subscribers and members for their support and will advise them individually during January 2008. For more details, please see Editorial 17(2).

Clare McBeath Editorial v-vii
Don Adams Lifelong learning skills and attributes: The perceptions of Australian secondary school teachers 149-160
Anna Alderson and Marie Martin Outcomes based education: Where has it come from and where is it going? 161- 182
Kevin Donnelly Australia's adoption of outcomes based education: A critique 183-206
Deepa Marat Students' and teachers' efficacy in use of learning strategies and achievement in mathematics 207-231
Angela McCarthy Managing school choice 232-255
Barbara Tadich, Craig Deed, Chris Campbell, and Vaughan Prain Student engagement in the middle years: A year 8 case study 256-271
Jinhao Wang, Angela M. Gibson and John R. Slate Effective teachers as viewed by students at a 2 year college: A multistage mixed analysis 272-295

Book review: The learning of democratic values: How four 'out-of-the-ordinary schools' do it. 296-297

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