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Issues in Educational Research, 2018, Vol 28(1), 202-219
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Teacher support in learning: Instrumental and appraisal support in relation to math achievement

Tracy K. Y. Wong, Xi Tao and Chiaki Konishi
McGill University, Canada

This study explored the extent to which teachers' instrumental (i.e., tangible aid to promote learning) and appraisal support (i.e., teacher feedback) enhanced students' achievement in mathematics. Participants included 13,950 fifteen-year-old Canadian students who participated in the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment. Based on students' reports, results from hierarchical regression analyses showed that instrumental support and teacher feedback respectively positively and negatively predicted math achievement. Further, teacher feedback made an additional contribution to math achievement over and above instrumental support. Findings suggest that different types of teacher support might differ in their efficacy in promoting math achievement.
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Authors: Tracy K. Y. Wong (corresponding author) is a PhD student in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Her research focuses on the roles of parents in socio-emotional and cognitive development, exploring topics such as parenting practices and values transmission. She is now extending her research to school climate and student learning.
Email: tracy.wong@mail.mcgill.ca

Xi Tao received her BA in English and Education, and is now a second-year MEd student at McGill University. Her research interests focus on student-teacher relationships, peer relationships, and academic achievement among children and adolescents. Xi's Master's project examines how socioeconomic status and student-teacher relationship influence students' academic performance at school.
Email: xi.tao@mail.mcgill.ca

Chiaki Konishi is an Assistant Professor at McGill University. She is the director of the Social-Emotional Development Research Group. Her research concentrates on understanding the roles of connectedness on children's and adolescents' well-being in the framework of social-emotional learning and development, particularly in relation to bullying and the school climate.
Email: chiaki.konishi@mcgill.ca

Please cite as: Wong, T. K. Y., Tao, X. & Konishi, C. (2018). Teacher support in learning: Instrumental and appraisal support in relation to math achievement. Issues in Educational Research, 28(1), 202-219. http://www.iier.org.au/iier28/wong.pdf

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