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Issues in Educational Research, 2020, Vol 30(1), 19-34.
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Filipino teachers' experiences as curriculum policy implementers in the evolving K to 12 landscape

Roxanne T. Bongco
Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines

Adonis P. David
Philippine Normal University, Philippines

Basic education in the Philippines responded to the multiplicity of demands in its socio-political, economic, technological, and academic spheres through various reforms, the most large-scale of which is the K to 12 education program. This initiative changed many facets of the curricular operations in Philippine classrooms which are supported by policies. The changes that these curricular policies intend to achieve are shaped by the teachers who are at the forefront of its implementation. Using a phenomenological approach, this study investigates how five Filipino teachers implement these policies in their classrooms. Findings reveal that teachers face a number of tensions that describe their lived experience in making sense and operationalising curriculum policies in their classroom: (1) confused yet appreciative; (2) frustrated yet flexible; and (3) powerless yet vital. This study concludes with discussion about the success of curriculum implementation depending largely on how teachers understand and implement curriculum polices.
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Authors: Roxanne T. Bongco is a faculty member of the College of Education at the Bataan Peninsula State University. She is currently working on her dissertation for a PhD in curriculum and instruction at the Philippine Normal University. Her current research interests include feminism, intergenerational diversity, curriculum, and teacher education.
Email: roxanne_bongco@yahoo.com

Adonis P. David (corresponding author) is Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Graduate Research Office in the Philippine Normal University. His current research interests are on the role of social beliefs and executive functioning on the achievement and adjustment of Filipino learners.
Email: david.ap@pnu.edu.ph

Please cite as: Bongco, R. T. & David, A. P. (2020). Filipino teachers' experiences as curriculum policy implementers in the evolving K to 12 landscape. Issues in Educational Research, 30(1), 19-34. http://www.iier.org.au/iier30/bongco.pdf

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