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Issues in Educational Research, 2020, Vol 30(1), 156-168.
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Secondary school students' attitudes and practices toward research writing and reporting in science

Christoper Jan Bacurin Landicho
Xavier School Nuvali, Philippines

This study aimed to explore and analyse the perceptions, attitudes, and practices of secondary school students toward research writing and reporting in science. Fifty-three Grade Eight students from a private school in the Philippines were purposively chosen to serve as respondents in this research. Data collection was done in two ways: (1) self-administered survey questionnaires and (2) a small focus group discussion to elucidate dominant themes that surfaced in the survey responses. Statistics such as percentages, frequencies, and means were used to summarise information gathered from the questionnaire. Significant differences in mean scores were determined using t-test. Correlations of variables were examined using a Pearson correlation test. Results show that the majority of students have no prior experience in writing formal research papers or laboratory reports. Nonetheless, the respondents considered research to be relevant in developing critical thinking, solving real-world problems, and providing a sense of fulfillment. Key motivations in doing research include teachers' expectations, and the personal drive to grow, excel, and obtain good grades. Reported barriers to research included lack of time, insufficient background in research, and lack of resources. As this study presents relevant information about students' perspectives toward research it can be used by teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders for planning, instruction, and follow-up interventions.
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Author: Christoper Jan B. Landicho is a faculty member of the Science Department of Xavier School Nuvali, Philippines. He finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Education at the Ateneo de Manila University.
Email: cjblandicho@gmail.com

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