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Contents of Volume 11, 1995

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1995, Vol. 11, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 11(1) ii
Patrick Danaher, Patricia Moran and Bobby Harreveld Linking teacher education and vocational education through fieldwork experiences: Practice, politics and policy in an educational boundary site 1-14
Jane O'Leary What we can infer from Australian graduate employment statistics: The discrepancy between employers' expectations and graduate performance 15-27
Thomas A. O'Donoghue and Vivian Hill Fundamental Christian school principal turnover in Western Australia: A case study 28-39
Brian Rout Panel Discussion - Shaping the Future: Implementation Issues

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Bruce J Howden 48
Raylee Elliott Burns 51
John A Pitman 56

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1995, Vol. 11, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 11(2) v
John Watts Girls' nominal participation in mathematics: A preliminary investigation 1-8
Claire Wyatt-Smith, Geraldine Castleton NESB workers' literacies as a workplace health and safety issue 9
Annette Cunliffe How do my students believe they learn? Use of the repertory grid 9
Rhondel Johannessen 'New federalism' and the competitive state: Regulation, deregulation and the Australian teaching council 10
Vivenne Watts Been there done that: The influence of personal perceptions on teachers' child protection decisions 10
Tina Green A critical examination of the integration of supporting studies (related sciences and humanities) within the bachelor of nursing (pre-registration) course, Queensland University of Technology 11
Robert Thornton A curriculum model for the professional transition of health personnel: An application in clinical nursing education 12
John Reddington The development of a parent screening inventory for children at risk for learning difficulties at school entry: Progress to date 12
Paul Hansen Post Vatican II Catholic lay primary principals: Personal and professional voices 12
Jenny Krassnig Resources selection and use in the information age: What do teachers do? 13
Patrick Danaher Dodgem cars, dagwood dogs and distance education: Further issues in the education of Queensland show children 14
Fiona Anne Martin, Dianne Smith Problem based learning and computer based education 14
Don Alexander Identity, culture and Australian citizenship 15
Mohan Chinnappan Structure alignment and geometry problem solving 15
Kevin McKennariey The school administrator and staff development: A case study of an intervention in a Queensland state high school during a period of organisational restructuring 15
Joy Cumming, Stephanie Gunn Research of the National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia adult literacy research network (Qld) 17
Samuela Bogitini The roles and places of Fijian identity in schools 17
Helen Edwards, Tania Aspland The development of a process for student evaluations of postgraduate supervision 17
Boyd Paties, Reg Allen, Erica Bell, Nick Simpson, Gail Rienstra The Board of Senior Secondary School Studies and research on equity, accountability, comparability and the key competencies 18
Robyn Cox, Grant Webb Australian south sea islander literacy research project 19
Ann Dashwood ESL student response to feedback on a process-oriented writing tasks 19
G Postle, J Taylor, D Bull Determinants of success in undergraduate programmes for special admissions students 20
Mary Hanrahan, Sue Burroughs-Lange Scientific literacy for more students through collaborative research 21
Barry Cameron Educational planning and career development study in Queensland schools (1994) 22
Mark Lynch-Blosse The sibling study 22
Grant Webb Capricornia educators professional development consortium 23
Michelle Knobel Investigating Language and Social Purposes in the Everyday Lives of Four Adolescents 24
Val Ingham, John Greenup Assessment of Performance Program 1994: Science 25
Quality Assurance and School Review Directorate, Queensland Department of Education Selected Mathematical Assessment Tasks 26

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