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Contents of Volume 4, 1988

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1988, Vol. 4, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 4(1) 3
J. Kerr A study of the identification of instances of language transfer and interference in samples of writing and speech 4-22
D. Cunningham Research by teacher educators in Queensland higher education institutions 23-42
R. Brimble Modelling in the classroom: Teacher in-service in the writing process 43-53
N. Cranston & K. Rose Overview of an Evaluation of Alexandra Hills College 54-62
M.A. Willis Social Competence: Ecobehavioural and Intrabehavioural Complexities in Preschool Settings 63-65
J.K. Suddick A Personal Construct Inquiry into the Education of College Based Nurses 65-67
J. Jenkinson School and Disability: Research and Practice in Integration 68-69
R. Toomey Passages from Secondary School to Higher Education: Case Studies in the Processes of Selection for Higher Education 69-70

1988, Vol. 4, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 4(2) 2
Noel Loos Guest Editorial 4(2) 3-5
R.P. Bann Winds of Change 5
S. Castley and B. Osborne Saibai Island community expectations of their first fully qualified principal 6-20
H. McDonald Succeeding against the odds: Torres Strait Islanders at university 21-44
B. Osborne Teachers' initial perceptions of teaching at Thursday Island State High School 45-66
E. Anson Child rearing on Darnley Island: An Islander's account 67-74
B. Osborne and G. Coombs Research into Torres Strait Islander Education 75-84
F.A. York Pen, Paper, and Torres Strait Song 84-87
A. Williamson Schooling the Torres Strait Islander 1871-1941 87-89
G. Miller Developing a Teacher-Education Program for Indigenous Students Living in Remote Communities of the Torres Strait and Other Remote Areas of North Queensland 89-91
J. Beckett 'Torres Strait Islanders: Custom and colonialism' 92-95
L. Henderson 'Black Voices' 95-96
N. Sharp Springs of Originality Among the Torres Strait Islanders 97-98

1988, Vol. 4, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 4(3) 3
E.D. Hobbs and J.A. Cronk Departmental Syllabuses: New Subjects for Years 11 and 12 Students in Queensland Schools: Progress Evaluation Summary 4-20
R.M. Norton Aggression in Young Children 21-40
M. Byrne A Summary of LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Programs for Pupils in Years 1 to 7 - A Look at LOTE 41-48
B.M. Kramer Participation and Equity Program: Comparative Study in Three High Schools 48-57
M.B. Hyde Receptive Communication Abilities of Hearing Impaired Students 58-62
R. Tooth Environmental History, Drama, and Authentic Historical Sites as a Focus for Environmental Education 63-64
J. Stenton Measuring the Effects of a Self Esteem Program with the Self Description Questionnaire 64-65
NOTICE OF PUBLICATION Bibliography of Education Theses in Australia for 1986 66

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