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Contents of Volume 6, 1990

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1990, Vol. 6, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 6(1) 1
B.E. Tainton The Unit of Analysis 'Problem' in Educational Research 4-19
J.R. Lee, B.E. Tainton Roma Middle School - A report on school organisation and curriculum development 20-23
E.D. Hobbs Managing the Effects of Change in Secondary School 24-31
I.B. Limerick Community Involvement in Schools: A Study of Three Queensland Schools 32-34
J.S. Page Education and Acculturation on Malaita: An Ethnography of Inter-ethnic and Intra-ethnic Affinities 35-36
J.V. Elson Teacher Transition: From Secondary or TAFE to a Post-Compulsory Senior College 36-38
S. O'Neill Reading Rescue - A Parents' Guide 39-42
NOTICE The Australian Education Review 43-44

1990, Vol. 6, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 6(2) 1
Malcolm Rosier An Overview of Science Achievement in Queensland 4-15
Peter Hallinan A Summary of a Small Survey on Subjective Assessment of Student Ability 16-20
Richard Dunlop Teacher Support Provisions in the Implementation of P-10 Curriculum Changes: Implications of Recent Studies 21-38
Claire Gilligan A Rationale for Case Study in Curriculum Evaluation 39-51
Judith Hewton Entrance to Tertiary Education: Coverage by a Queensland Newspaper 1986-88 52-53
R. Funnell Short Stories, Long Journeys: Identity Formation, Working Career and the Life Cycle 54-55

1990, Vol. 6, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 6(3) 1
Lyndsay Connors The Quality of Education and the Improvement of the Teaching-Learning Processes: Impact of Research on Educational Policy and Practice 4-31
Bill Atweh, Anne Hickling-Hudson and Noel Preston Summary Report of a Project Investigating Implications of the Innovation of Computer Education in Queensland Secondary Schools 32-47
Linda Gilmore Categorisation and Concept Development 48-54
Peter Pattison An Overview of Research and Evaluation Activities Associated with P-10 Social Education 55-60
Ted Hobbs Student and Teacher Attitudes to the TE Score 61-68
ACER NOTICE Developments in school and public assessment 69

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