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Contents of Volume 7, 1991

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1991, Vol. 7, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 7(1) 3
Millicent E. Poole Education and Work: Some Evolving Policy Perspectives 4-15
Neil Cranston, John Dungan and Christine Grieve A Review of an Inservice Project for Teachers of Mathematics 16-29
Ted Hobbs Provision of Career Information and Guidance by Secondary Schools for Senior Students 30-35
Claire Gilligan and Neil Cranston A Progress Report of the Student Portfolio Trial in Queensland 36-43
J.D. Whiteley You Know The Fair Rule 44-47
P. Singh Values Education in Australian Schools 48-52
J. Wilson The Scientific Literacy of Australian Students 52-53
ACER and NZCER SET: Research Information for Teachers 54-55
AASE National Conference: Crossing Boundaries: Present Realities - Future Possibilities 56
QIER Queensland Institute for Educational Research: Executive for 1991 57

1991, Vol. 7, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 7(2) 1
Professor J. Elkins Opening Address: QIER Research Forum June 1991
Supplement to Queensland Researcher, 7(2)
Ted Hobbs Reflections on QIER's First Research Forum 2-3
Gillian M. Boulton-Lewis The Values and Limitations of Using Concrete Representations to Teach Mathematics toYoung Children 4
Neil Cranston, Christine Grieve, John Dungan An In-service Project for Teachers of Mathematics 5
Lyn English Children's Novel Problem Solving 6
Ted Hobbs Issues in Senior Schooling 7
Bob Lingard, John Knight, Paige Porter Schooling Reform in Hard Times 8
Paige Porter, John Knight, Bob Lingard, Linda Apelt, Leo Bartlett An Analysis of Australian Higher Education Policy in the Post-war Period: From Elite to Mass Provision? 9
Ray Over Correlates of Career Advancement in Australian Universities 10
Rick Swindell, Claire James, Paul Hindson The Effect of Programs of Cognitive Challenge on the Health of Frail Aged Australians: A Cost-benefit Analysis 11
Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt Action Research in Higher Education - Examples and Reflections 12
Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt Professional Development in Higher Education - A Theoretical Framework for Action Research 13
Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt Action Research for Change and Development 14
Shirley O'Neill The Spatial Metaphor of Time: Young Children's Comprehension of the Spatial/Temporal Referents 'Before' and 'After' 15
Shirley O'Neill, Christine Grieve Evaluation of the Trial Implementation of Reading Recovery 17
Glen Postle, Francis Mangubhai, Ivan Williams Sophia College: Alternative Entry to Tertiary Studies for Underachievers 18
Erica McWilliam Towards Advocacy: A Neo-feminist Perspective on Teacher Education Futures in Australia 19
Mary Sheehan, Jeremy Davey The Safe Drinking Project: An Intersectoral Community Intervention 20
John Stevenson, Charlie McKavanagh Cognitive Structures Developed in Vocational Education 21
Tim Prenzler Is the Practice of Police Gratuities in Queensland a Product of Police Culture or of Community Attitudes 23
Merrelyn Bates New Training Initiatives for Implementation with First Year Constables in the Queensland Police Service 24
Colleen Lewis Transitions in Policy Education 25
Kerry Wimshurst Initial Expectations and Experiences of Students Entering a New Bachelor of Arts in Justice Administration 26
Gordon C. Elias Temporal Patterning in Mother-Infant Engagements 27
Janice M. Wilson Chemistry Concepts and Group Cognitive Structure - A Study of Undergraduate Nursing Students 28
Richard Dunlop, Suzi Barbir Professional Development in a Devolved System 29
Beryl Evans, John Cawte, Margaret Moore Study of Performance Outcomes of the Assessment Centres 30
Beryl Evans Leaders' Practices in School Change: The Development of a Conceptual Framework 31
Beryl Evans, Alan Cook, Roger Slee Changing the Culture of QUT: Recent Changes at QIT/QUT 32
Sue Pechey, Paul Thomas Research into Oral Histories of Kelvin Grove 33
Des Power Mothers and Teachers Communicating with Deaf Children 34
Rod Gerber, John Lidstone, Ron Ballantyne, L. Kirkwood, R. Nason, R. Wilson, E. Woodrow Research Projects: School of Social, Business and Environmental Education 35
Alan Cook, David Smith 'Teacher Thinking' Videotapes 37
Robyn Wretham, John Nash Senior Schooling Curriculum Framework and Sample Case Studies: The Process 38
Bill Atweh, Tom Cooper Gender, Social Class, Student-Teacher Interactions and the Learning of Mathematics 39
Brigid Limerick A Case Study on the Brisbane North Regional Education Council 40
Lisa Ehrich, Brigid Limerick The Dilemma of Management Programmes forWomen 41
Ministerial Consultative Council on Curriculum Ministerial Consultative Council on Curriculum: Commissioned Research and Consultancies 42
Perc Marland, William Patching, Ian Putt, Robyn Putt Distance Learners' Interactions with Text while Studying 43
Jim Mitchell, Perc Marland Research on Teaching Thinking: The Next Phase 44
Perc Marland, Barry Osborne Classroom Theory, Thinking and Action 45
Neal Sellars Towards a Model for the Professional Development of the Teacher 46
Neil Costa, Phil Clarke, John Dungan Bureau of Emloyment, Vocational and Further Education and Training 47
Barry Osborne An Overview of Educational Research in Torres Strait 1985-1991 48
Rob Fielding A Vygotskian Analysis of the Drawing Development of Young Children 49
Kerry Rose Self Study - An Effective Institutional Review Process? 51
Glen Evans, Millicent Poole Young Adults - Self Perceptions and Life Contexts 52
Glen Evans Instruction Features and Learning Approaches in Apprenticeship Training
Glen Evans The Relationship Between Lesson Cognitive Demand and Student Processing in Upper Secondary Mathematics 54

1991, Vol. 7, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 7(3) 1
Judith Hewton Schools and their views of student disadvantage: Exploratory studies in six non-state schools
    A Summary Paper 2-9
    Profiles of Schools A to F 10-58
S. Danby Understanding Children: Towards Responsive Relationships 59-61
Dale Symons Talk About Problems 61-62
Neil Cranston Evaluation for School Development 63-64
NEW RELEASE Improving the Quality of Australian Schools 65-66

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