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Contents of Volume 8, 1992

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1992, Vol. 8, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 8(1) 1
Barry McGaw, David Boud, Millicent Poole, Richard Warry, Phillip McKenzie Educational Research in Australia: A Summary of the Interim Report of the Review Panel 2-12
P. A. Danaher and K. N. Purnell Object categorisation and concept development of adult learners 13-20
John Whiteley and John Dungan Assessment and Competency-Based Training: A Case Study of Richmond College of TAFE 21-28
Richard Dunlop Why the Systematic Evaluation of Teachers is Upon us: A Selective Chronicle of Events 29-40
Phillip N. Clarke How many regions? A study of the regional structure of vocational education in Queensland 40-41
Neil Cranston Restructuring School Management: Recent Administrative Reorganisation of Public School Governance in Australia 42-44

1992, Vol. 8, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 8(2) 1
B. Boreham, J. Watts Student Personality Types and Learning Needs in Efficient and Effective (Quality) Teaching 2
Des Carroll, Mary Rosser, Pam Van Homrigh Meeting Children's Needs in the 1990s - A Study of Classroom Writing 3
Roadsafe P-7 Road Safety Kits 4
Robyn Cox, Patrick Danaher, Peter Hallinan, Patricia Moran, Doug Wyer Issues in the Collaborative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Interactive Video Teaching Trial 5
Michele de Courcy Immersion Programs for the Teaching of Second Languages 6
School Development Planning Research Project Neil Dempster, Phil Meade, Grace Distant, Judith Sachs, Lloyd Logan, Neil Cranston, Christine Tom, Neville Highett, Peter Varley, Diane Reardon 7
Glenn Finger Integrating Learning Technology in Queensland State Schools: A Program Evaluation of the Queensland Sunrise Centre 9
Merv Fogarty The Characteristics of Teacher Education Students That Appear to Influence Their Attitudes Towards Higher Education Teaching Methods 11
Ian Hay, Adrian Ashman, Christa van Kraayenoord The Interaction Between Children's Self-Concept and Their Academic Ability 13
Ian Hay, Adrian Ashman, Christa van Kraayenoord The Interaction Between Children's Self-Concept and Their Academic Achievement 14
Catherine Hearn Adults' Selection of Prelinguistic Infants' Communicative Arts 15
Sue Howard Parent Participation in the Introduction of Human Relationships Education in Queensland State Schools 16
Anne Hudson, Marilyn McMeniman, Eileen Howard Teacher Education Responses to Multiculturalism in Australia: A Critical Review 17
Ian Kindt, Chris Woodrow, Peter Hallinan, Colin Rose, Paul Duncum, Robert Thompson, Patrick Danaher, Patricia Moran, Doug Wyer, Ken Purnell Practices and Issues in the Evaluation of Itinerant Students - A Case Study of Showmen's Guild Children 18
Lloyd Logan, Mark Freakley Around and About Kimberley Park - A Study of a Primary School 19
Bruce McBryde, Majbritt Reugebrink Tertiary Entrance in Australia: Mismatch in Supply, Demand and Economic Need 20
Erica McWilliam Researching Pre-service Teacher Needs: New Approaches to Old Dilemmas 21
Phil Meade, Marilyn McMeniman, Jan Wilson, Clive Kanes, Irene Davey Towards Making Explicit the Implicit Knowledge of Effective Maths and Science Teachers - A Triangulated Methodology 22
Judith Mulholland, Annette Cunliffe It's Frustrating If You Don't Know What You're Doing: A case study of a constructivist teaching segment in science in a Primary Bachelor of Teaching Course 23
K. Navaratnam, P. Mountney Integrating Total Quality Management into Institutional Evaluation 24
P. Porter, J. Knight, R. Lingard, F. Ruzui, L. Bartlett Australian Higher Education, 1945-1991 25
Christine Proudfoot, Ian Macpherson, Tania Aspland Teachers' Curriculum Decision-Making Practices at the Classroom Level: Implications for Curriculum Policy Formulation at the System Level 26
Queensland University of Technology TRAC Project 28
Review and Evaluation Directorate Assessment of Student Performance Program 1990 29
Parlo Singh Theories of Discourse: Do they explain the positions of girls in schools? 30
David Smith, Graham Nimmo The Experiences of Beginning Secondary School Teachers in Queensland 31
Julie Spreadbury Family Literacy Practices 32
Deborah Turnbull Academic Risk Taking and Literacy Achievement of Six to Ten Year Olds 33
Christine R. Velde Perceived Effectiveness of a Marketing Orientation and Marketing Techniques within International Student Marketing in South Australian Higher Education 35
J. Watts, P. Danaher, P. Moran A Study of Exemplary Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in Upper Primary Mathematics Within the Capricornia Region 36
J. Watts An Investigation into the Experiences of Four Female Secondary Students in Mathematics 37
V. Watts, P. Hallinan, L. Laskey Longitudinal Study of Entry Characteristics of Students Commencing a Pre-service Teacher Education Course 38
Jan Wilson Are student achievement levels in Senior Chemistry reflected in individual concept maps? 39
Doug Wyer, Peter Hallinan Special Skills for Community Living: Evaluation of a Trial Course 40
Brad Young, Clive Kanes Cognitive Strategies in Music Performance 41

1992, Vol. 8, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 8(3) 1
Peter Freebody Issues in Literacy Research: A multi-literacy perspective from a 'new Queenslander' 2-8
Bruce Howden and Peter Orford Using Action Research to Initiate an Innovation in Primary English Language Arts 9-18
John Greenup The Sight Word Vocabulary Development of Year 1 Children 19-28
Erica McWilliam In Broken Images: A postpositivist analysis of student needs talk in pre-service teacher education 29-31
Marieta Hope and Dale Symons Schools Council, Snapshop of the Early Years of Schooling 32-33

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