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Searching IIER using Google and other search engines Include iier (lower case or upper) as one of the search words (with one or more author names, or one or more keywords). We have inserted the acronym IIER as the first word in the title bar for all articles mounted on the IIER website, to facilitate differentiation between IIER articles and other publications. The only exceptions are for the QJER archives, in which QJER is the first word in the title bar for each file, i.e. include qjer as one of the search words.
Google Advanced Search may be facilitated by specifying:
Search within a site or domain, for example: (for all volumes) (for volume 25, 2015) (for QJER archives)

Searching IIER using Google Scholar Google Advanced Scholar Search may be facilitated by specifying one or more of the following:
Publication: Return articles published in issues in educational research (or for QJER archives, queensland journal of educational research or queensland researcher)
Date: Return articles published between 1991-2009 (or later, or a subset of that range, or for QJER archives, 1985-2003, or a subset of that range)
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Refer also to [ Google Web Search Help ] pages for hints on effective searching.

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