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 IIER 28(1), 2018

IIER 28(1) was published on 4 February 2018. It marks the adoption of a revised format for IIER, with abstracts and some other details published in HTML, and the full text published in PDF. Editorial 28(1) outlines the reasons for this change.

Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath and Anne Power Editorial 28(1): Reflecting on diversity and a format change [HTML]
Shirin Abadikhah, Zahra Aliyan and Seyed Hassan Talebi EFL students' attitudes towards self-regulated learning strategies in academic writing [Abstract]
Susan Blackley, Yuli Rahmawati, Ella Fitriani, Rachel Sheffield and Rekha Koul Using a Makerspace approach to engage Indonesian primary students with STEM [Abstract]
Vasiliki Brouskeli, Vasiliki Kaltsi and Maria Loumakou Resilience and occupational well-being of secondary education teachers in Greece [Abstract]
Ana Diogo, Pedro Silva and Joana Viana Children's use of ICT, family mediation, and social inequalities [Abstract]
N. Dilşad Güven and Ziya Argün Width, length, and height conceptions of students with learning disabilities [Abstract]
Conley Hathorn and Anna Marie Dillon Action research as professional development: Its role in education reform in the United Arab Emirates [Abstract]
Dana-Kristin Mah and Dirk Ifenthaler Students' perceptions toward academic competencies: The case of German first-year students [Abstract]
Thi Thuy Nhan and Huu Cuong Nguyen Quality challenges in transnational higher education under profit-driven motives: The Vietnamese experience [Abstract]
Martin Stynes, Timothy Murphy, Gerry McNamara and Joe O'Hara Reflection-on-action in qualitative research: A critical self-appraisal rubric for deconstructing research [Abstract]
Tomoharu Takahashi Motivation of students for learning English in Rwandan schools [Abstract]
Maria Tsakeni Inquiry-based practical work in physical sciences: Equitable access and social justice issues [Abstract]
Tracy K. Y. Wong, Xi Tao and Chiaki Konishi Teacher support in learning: Instrumental and appraisal support in relation to math achievement [Abstract]
Kirsty Young CO-CREATE: Teachers' voices to inform special education teacher education [Abstract]

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