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 IIER 27(2), 2017

IIER 27(2) was published on 9 April 2017. Readers are invited to select file format, window width, font and font size to suit their personal preferences for screen reading comfort. For environmental sustainability purposes, we endeavour to make screen-only reading as attractive as we can.

Anne Power and Roger Atkinson Editorial 27(2) [HTML]
Carmel Bauer, Sue Thomas and Cheryl Sim Mature age professionals: Factors influencing their decision to make a career change into teaching [HTML]
Lisa Buxton Ditching deficit thinking: Changing to a culture of high expectations [HTML]
Jehanzeb R. Cheema and Asia N. Fuller-Hamilton Teacher morale, participation, and shortage in white-majority and white-minority schools: Principals' perceptions [HTML]
S. Chee Choy, Joanne Yim Sau Ching and Poh Leong Tan Reflective thinking among preservice teachers: A Malaysian perspective [HTML]
Fatih Mehmet Ciğerci and Mehmet Gultekin Use of digital stories to develop listening comprehension skills [HTML]
Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis A reflection on the methodology used for a qualitative longitudinal study [HTML]
Mona Kamal Ibrahim and Yehia A. Ibrahim Communicative English language teaching in Egypt: Classroom practice and challenges [HTML]
Geoffrey M. Lowe, Geoffrey W. Lummis and Julia E. Morris Pre-service primary teachers' experiences and self-efficacy to teach music: Are they ready? [HTML]
Anthony Morison and Kym Cowley An exploration of factors associated with student attrition and success in enabling programs [HTML]
Teresa Mwoma Children's reading ability in early primary schooling: Challenges for a Kenyan rural community [HTML]
Grant Rodwell A national history curriculum, racism, a moral panic and risk society theory [HTML]
Joanne Yoo, Don Carter and John Larkin Making research relevant through an engagement of identities [HTML]

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