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 IIER 27(1), 2017

IIER 27(1) was published on 15 January 2017. Readers are invited to select file format, window width, font and font size to suit their personal preferences for screen reading comfort. For environmental sustainability purposes, we endeavour to make screen-only reading as attractive as we can.

Clare McBeath, Jenni Parker, Coral Pepper, Roger Atkinson and Anne Power Editorial 27(1): An early start to Volume 27, and our expanded editorial team [HTML]
Reem Aldegether "Women's ways of knowing" among female Saudi student teachers and their implications for teaching and learning [HTML]
Mirella Atherton A comparison of student confidence levels in open access and undergraduate university courses [HTML]
Gökhan Baş, Cihad Şentürk and Fatih Mehmet Ciğerci Homework and academic achievement: A meta-analytic review of research [HTML]
Neville John Ellis and Tony Loughland 'Where to next?' Examining feedback received by teacher education students [HTML]
Karen Goodnough and Elizabeth Murphy An analysis of the professional learning of science teachers using the metaphor of learning by expanding [HTML]
Rachael Hains-Wesson, Vikki Pollard and Angela Campbell A three-stage process of improvisation for teamwork: Action research [HTML]
Steven Males, Frank Bate and Jean Macnish The impact of mobile learning on student performance as gauged by standardised test (NAPLAN) scores [HTML]
Suzanne Renner and Keryn Pratt Exploring primary teachers' self-efficacy beliefs for teaching dance education [HTML]
Linda Riebe, Antonia Girardi and Craig Whitsed Teaching teamwork in Australian university business disciplines: Evidence from a systematic literature review [HTML]
Grant Rodwell 'A bridge too far?' The politics of Tasmanian school retention rates [HTML]
Marlizah Yusuf, Peter Charles Taylor and Muhd Ibrahim Muhamad Damanhuri Designing critical pedagogy to counteract the hegemonic culture of the traditional chemistry classroom: An autoethnographic account [HTML]

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