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 IIER 28(3), 2018

IIER 28(3) was published on 2 August 2018.

Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath and Anne Power Editorial 28(3): Reflecting upon the numbers for 2018 [HTML]
Mustafa Bahar, Hasan Uğur and Mustafa Asil Social achievement goals and students' socio-economic status: Cross-cultural validation and gender invariance [Abstract]
David A. G. Berg and Lisa F. Smith The effect of school-based experience on preservice teachers' self-efficacy beliefs [Abstract]
Tony Beswick and Simon Clarke Network principals in Western Australia: An examination of their influence and strategies [Abstract]
İsa Deveci and Furkan Aydın Relationship between middle school students' tendencies toward academic risk-taking and their attitudes to science [Abstract]
Leanne Fried, Rena Vithiatharan, Elizabeth Davis, Tim Jones, Kirsten Hancock, Kevin Runions, Donna Cross, Donald Payne, Caleb Jones, Arthur Wright, Debbie Pieterse, Joy Knowles, Julie Clarke and Ashleigh Lin The school experiences of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes in Western Australia [Abstract]
Maribel D. Ganeb and Marie Paz E. Morales Science fluency in primary school: Student transition from Filipino to English language learning [Abstract]
Esra Harmandaoğlu Baz, Cem Balçıkanlı & Paşa Tevfik Cephe Relationship between teacher stories and encouragement of learner autonomy [Abstract]
Gregory Hine Teachers' perceptions on declining student enrolments in Australian senior secondary mathematics courses [Abstract]
Zeina Hojeij and Sandra Baroudi Student perceptions on peer feedback training using a blended method: A UAE case [Abstract]
Ali Ibrahim Directive, collaborative, or non-directive? Thesis supervision approaches in the United Arab Emirates [Abstract]
İshak Kozikoğlu and Mecit Aslan Socio-cultural, psychological and academic problems of undergraduate Syrian students in Turkey [Abstract]
Teresa Mwoma, Nyakwara Begi and Catherine Murungi Safety and security in preschools: A challenge in informal settlements [Abstract]
Somaye Piri, Reza Pishghadam, L. Quentin Dixon and Zohreh Eslami Rasekh Predictors of L2 achievement: Testing a model based on EFL learners' emotional, social, and cultural capitals [Abstract]
Masoud Rahimi and Hiwa Weisi Reflective practice, self-efficacy, and research by EFL teachers: Examining possible relationships [Abstract]
Lucy Sibanda Distributed leadership in three diverse public schools: Perceptions of deputy principals in Johannesburg [Abstract]
Mark B. Ulla Benefits and challenges of doing research: Experiences from Philippine public school teachers [Abstract]

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