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 IIER 26(3), 2016

IIER 26(3) was published on 24 August 2016. Readers are invited to select file format, window width, font and font size to suit their personal preferences for screen reading comfort. For environmental sustainability purposes, we endeavour to make screen-only reading as attractive as we can.

Clare McBeath, Roger Atkinson and Anne Power Editorial 26(3): Copy editing [HTML]
Ali Abdullah Ali Alghail and Omer Hassan Ali Mahfoodh Academic reading difficulties encountered by international graduate students in a Malaysian university [HTML]
Mohammad Madallh Alhabahba, Ambigapathy Pandian and Omer Hassan Ali Mahfoodh The effect of integrated instructions on reading comprehension, motivation, and cognitive variables [HTML]
Hannah Bennett-Rappell and Maria Northcote Underachieving gifted students: Two case studies [HTML]
Soribel Genao Culturally responsive pedagogy: Reflections on mentoring by educational leadership candidates [HTML]
Shannon Mason and Cristina Poyatos Matas Language teacher supply: A content analysis of newspaper coverage across the 'Anglobubble' [HTML]
Marie Paz E. Morales, Edna Luz R. Abulon, Portia R. Soriano, Adonis P. David, Ma. Victoria C. Hermosisima and Maribel G. Gerundio Examining teachers' conception of and needs on action research [HTML]
Megan Paull, Craig Whitsed and Antonia Girardi Applying the Kirkpatrick model: Evaluating an Interaction for Learning Framework curriculum intervention [HTML]
Reza Pishghadam, Mohammad Zabetipour and Afrooz Aminzadeh Examining emotions in English language learning classes: A case of EFL emotions [HTML]
Joanne Yoo and Sarah Loch Learning bodies: What do teachers learn from embodied practice? [HTML]

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