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 IIER 24(3), 2014

IIER 24(3) was published on 30 November 2014. Readers are invited to select file format, window width, font and font size to suit their personal preferences for screen reading comfort. For environmental sustainability purposes, we endeavour to make screen-only reading as attractive as we can.

Anne Power Editorial 24(3) [HTML]
Sean Kearney, Timothy Perkins and Julie Maakrun A transformative experience: A short-term cross-cultural service-learning immersion to Kenya [HTML]
Brooke Murphy, Rylee A. Dionigi and Chelsea Litchfield Physical education and female participation: A case study of teachers' perspectives and strategies [HTML]
Bhavani Sridharan, Hepu Deng and Kinshuk Does supply always come on the heels of demand? Matches and mismatches in e-learning [HTML]
Hassan Soodmand Afshar, Ali Rahimi and Masoud Rahimi Instrumental motivation, critical thinking, autonomy and academic achievement of Iranian EFL learners [HTML]
Siew Fong Yap Beliefs, values, ethics and moral reasoning in socio-scientific education [HTML]
Rachael Hains-Wesson and Angela Campbell Balancing risk? First year performing arts students' experience of a community arts event [HTML]

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