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Vol 28, 2018

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 IIER 28(4), 2018

IIER 28(4) was published on 4 November 2018.

Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath and Anne Power Editorial 28(4): Reflecting upon some unused IIER statistics [HTML]
Khairul Akmaliah Adham, Huong Ha, Shifa Mohd Nor and Zaleha Yazid Learning to complete the PhD thesis [Abstract]
Babatunde Akanji, Tonbara Mordi, Akeem Ajonbadi and Bashir Mojeed-Sanni Impact of leadership styles on employee engagement and conflict management practices in Nigerian universities [Abstract]
Susan Blackley, Dawn Bennett and Rachel Sheffield Pre-service teachers' articulation of their future selves [Abstract]
Mary Sandra Carlotto and Sheila Gonçalves Câmara Work-family interactions among female teachers: Socio-demographic, labour and psychosocial predictors [Abstract]
Gökçe Dişlen Dağgöl What lies behind good and poor translation from the perspective of translator trainees? [Abstract]
Bekithemba Dube and Thuthukile Jita Rethinking healthy school relations to facilitate curriculum change in Zimbabwe: A relational leadership approach [Abstract]
Oscar Espinoza, Luis Eduardo González, Noel McGinn, Dante Castillo and Luis Sandoval Family background, secondary school and university prestige: Contributors to income inequality in Chile [Abstract]
Adam Heaton Kids can show prejudice and teachers can show them another path [Abstract]
Caroline Johansson, Maria Hedlin and Magnus Åberg A touch of touch: Preschool teacher education students' reflections about physical touch [Abstract]
Kanphitcha Kodkanon, Pichet Pinit and Elizabeth Murphy High-school teachers' experiences of interdisciplinary team teaching [Abstract]
Caroline Okumdi Muoghalu and Friday Asiazobor Eboiyehi Assessing Obafemi Awolowo University's gender equity policy: Nigeria's under-representation of women persists [Abstract]
Wilma S. Reyes, Teresita T. Rungduin, Adonis P. David and Elanor O. Bayten A model of pedagogical strategies for low income students in the Philippines [Abstract]
Linda Salihu, Mikko Aro and Pekka Räsänen Children with learning difficulties in mathematics: Relating mathematics skills and reading comprehension [Abstract]
Hassan Soodmand Afshar and Mahsa Bayat Strategy use, learning styles and L2 achievement of Iranian students of English for academic purposes [Abstract]
Rattima Thanyathamrongkul, Wareesiri Singhasiri and Sonthida Keyuravong Language literacy, language education policy and classroom practices in a Thai primary school context [Abstract]
Mark B. Ulla English language teaching in Thailand: Filipino teachers' experiences and perspectives [Abstract]

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