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Vol 28, 2018

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 IIER 28(2), 2018

IIER 28(2) was published on 5 April 2018.

Anne Power, Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath Editorial 28(2) [HTML]
Ester Aflalo Changes in the perceptions of the nature of science and religious belief [Abstract]
Suhaedir Bachtiar, Siti Zubaidah, Aloysius Duran Corebima and Sri Endah Indriwati The spiritual and social attitudes of students towards integrated problem based learning models [Abstract]
Terry Bowles and Janet Scull Applying adaptive change processes and supports to the learning classroom [Abstract]
Jeffrey Lloyd L. Cagande and Richard R. Jugar The flipped classroom and college physics students' motivation and understanding of kinematics graphs [Abstract]
İsmail Çimen and Habib Özgan Contributing and damaging factors related to the psychological capital of teachers: A qualitative analysis [Abstract]
Laurent Cosnefroy, Fabien Fenouillet, Corinne Mazé and Barbara Bonnefoy On the relationship between the forethought phase of self-regulated learning and self-regulation failure [Abstract]
Jamie Dorrington A new organisational architecture to support personalised learning: Parent's perspectives on the academic advisers [Abstract]
Mansoor Ganji, Saeed Ketabi and Mohammadtaghi Shahnazari Teacher training courses in Iranian private language institutes: Issues and options [Abstract]
Ghazi M. Ghaith Teacher perceptions of the challenges of implementing concrete and conceptual cooperative learning [Abstract]
Remeredzayi Gudyanga and Loyiso C. Jita Mapping physical sciences teachers' concerns regarding the new curriculum in South Africa [Abstract]
Kalle Juuti, Knut-Andreas Christophersen, Eyvind Elstad, Trond Solhaug and Are Turmo Finnish teacher education and its contributions to pre-service teachers' instructional self-efficacy [Abstract]
Karen Murcia and Coral Pepper Evaluating the social impact of a science centre's STEM professional learning strategies for teachers [Abstract]
Peter M. Robinson Affective underpinnings of surface approaches to learning and their relationship with sensation seeking [Abstract]
Julia Savage and Vikki Pollard Developing critical questions from faculty tensions: An approach to collegiality in course teams [Abstract]
Rachel Sheffield, Susan Blackley and Paul Moro A professional learning model supporting teachers to integrate digital technologies [Abstract]

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