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 IIER 29(2), 2019

IIER 29(2) was published on 14 April 2019.

Roger Atkinson Editorial 29(2): Two items from recent editorial correspondence [HTML]
Ali Abdullah Ali Alghail and Omer Hassan Ali Mahfoodh Academic oral communication difficulties encountered by Yemeni postgraduate students in a Malaysian university [Abstract]
Sheikh Asadullah Evaluating effective mathematics teaching in secondary schools in Bangladesh using a value-added model [Abstract]
Joan Burfitt Cognitive interviews for reviewing multiple-choice items in mathematics [Abstract]
Ashish K. Das, Quynh T. Nguyen, An T. Nguyen, Milton Nomikoudis and Dung Ha Van Course redesign to incorporate flipped delivery: A business degree case in Vietnam [Abstract]
Şahin Dündar An evaluation of the intentions of preservice teachers to use the case study method in social studies classes [Abstract]
Eda Erdas Kartal, Nihal Dogan, Serhat Irez, Gultekin Cakmakci and Yalcin Yalaki A five-level design for evaluating professional development programs: Teaching and learning about nature of science [Abstract]
Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis Dealing with the demands of the Deakin University-Teach For Australia program: Four perspectives [Abstract]
Dawn Joseph "Trying to keep afloat": Early career teaching in an Australian setting [Abstract]
Penelope Ludicke, Tracey Muir and Karen Swabey Identifying and supporting young adolescent academic underachievers in Year 7 and 8 classrooms [Abstract]
Noella M. Mackenzie, Lena Danaia, Amy MacDonald and Debra Ann Metcalf Working above standard in literacy and numeracy in primary school [Abstract]
Victoria A. Namukwaya and Israel Kibirige Parents' perceptions of universal primary education in Kotido District, Uganda [Abstract]
Elizabeth Pérez-Izaguirre Educational inequalities, teacher authority and student autonomy in multi-ethnic Basque secondary education [Abstract]
Cornelia Staats, Grace Oakley and Ida Marais A legibility scale for early primary handwriting: Authentic task and cognitive load influences [Abstract]
Wisuit Sunthonkanokpong and Elizabeth Murphy Sustainability awareness, attitudes and actions: A survey of pre-service teachers [Abstract]
Ümran Yazıcılar and Nilay T. Bümen Crossing over the brick wall: Adapting the curriculum as a way out [Abstract]

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