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 IIER 26(1), 2016

IIER 26(1) was published on 10 March 2016. Readers are invited to select file format, window width, font and font size to suit their personal preferences for screen reading comfort. For environmental sustainability purposes, we endeavour to make screen-only reading as attractive as we can.

Anne Power Editorial 26(1) [HTML]
Catherine Askew, Robyn Dixon, Ross McCormick, Kathleen Callaghan, Grace Ying Wang and Boaz Shulruf Facilitators and barriers to doctoral supervision: A case study in health sciences [HTML]
Terry Bowles, Janet Scull, John Hattie, Janet Clinton, Geraldine Larkins, Vincent Cicconi, Doreen Kumar and Jessica L. Arnup Conducting psychological assessments in schools: Adapting for converging skills and expanding knowledge [HTML]
Michael McCarthy Parental choice of school by rural and remote parents [HTML]
Per Egil Mjaavatn, Per Frostad and Sip Jan Pijl Adolescents: Differences in friendship patterns related to gender [HTML]
Marie Paz E. Morales, Ruel A. Avilla and Allen A. Espinosa Does gender inequality influence interest in pursuing a career in science or mathematics teaching? [HTML]
Teresa Mwoma and Jace Pillay Educational support for orphans and vulnerable children in primary schools: Challenges and interventions [HTML]
Angela Page and Lisa F. Smith Relational aggression and physical aggression among adolescent Cook Islands students [HTML]
Coral Pepper and Susan Roberts Valuing the leadership role of university unit coordinators [HTML]
Reza Pishghadam, Fahime Saboori, Laila Samavarchi and Tahereh Hassanzadeh Examining the gender identity of language teachers using a masculinity-femininity scale: A case from Iran [HTML]
Yuli Rahmawati and Rekha Koul Fieldwork, co-teaching and co-generative dialogue in lower secondary school environmental science [HTML]

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