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Issues in Educational Research, 2024, Vol 34(2), 566-587.
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Learning English and its implications for Iranians' cultural values and practices

Mehdi Moharami
Monash University, Australia

English language learning has become deeply ingrained in Iranian society, with a rich historical legacy. However, recent concerns voiced by Iranian authorities highlight English as a perceived threat to the preservation of Iranian culture and identity, leading to attempts to limit its presence. This study investigates the beliefs, perceptions, and views of Iranians regarding their culture, practices, and their relationship with English. Employing an open-ended survey, the research examines Western influences on English language learning through a cultural lens, capturing a snapshot of the Iranian language ecology and societal cultural layers. The findings underscore the integration of English within Iranian society, emphasising that language learners actively engage with English as a tool for communication and personal growth, challenging the notion of passive recipients. This study contributes to a deeper understanding of the authorities' concerns and sheds light on the evolving relationship between English and the Iranian cultural environment.
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Authors: Mehdi Moharami, PhD in Education at Monash University, Australia, focuses on the impact of English language learning on identity formation and language learner practices. His research delves into areas such as language policy, cultural influences, TESOL methodologies, and the intersection of language learning with social practices.
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6435-8501
Email: mehdi.moharami@monash.edu, mehdi.6788@gmail.com

Please cite as: Moharami, M. (2024). Learning English and its implications for Iranians' cultural values and practices. Issues in Educational Research, 34(2), 566-587. http://www.iier.org.au/iier34/moharami.pdf

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