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Contents of Volume 4, Numbers 1 and 2, 1994

Number 1, June 1994
John Hall and Andrew Sooby Editorialiii-iv
Barry Down Marxist history and schooling: Beyond economism1-17
Helen Lawrence Aboriginal children in urban schools19-26
Freda Ogilvie Education to empower: The role of the primary teacher in Aboriginal education27-30
Rod Ogilvie Suicide amongst Aboriginal youth31-33
Mani Le Vasan Teaching English for special purposes: A case study of a Malaysian business organisation35-47
Helen Wildy and John Wallace Teaching for understanding: Whose agenda is being served?49-60
Andrew Taggart
Collette Tayler
Book reviews63-66

Number 2, December 1994
Len King Editorialiii-iv
Christopher S. Elliott Leadership and the creation of shared meanings1-14
Peter Forlin A research based framework for risk management in Australian chemical education15-23
Denise Chalmers Local and overseas students' goals and management of study25-56
Martyn Wild, Roger Dickinson, Ron Oliver, Rob Phillips and Geoff Rehn What is the problem to which interactive multimedia is the solution? Views on the nature, place and value of multimedia in education57-79
Ann Crittenden Evaluation of the relief teaching programme in government primary schools in Western Australia81-93
Murray Drummond Masculinity from a feminist perspective: or How feminism helped construct the new man95-102
Jettie Mulder The mechanics of qualitative analysis103-108
Graeme Lock and Sybe Jongeling Maximising return rates in school based research109-115
Bill Palmer Book review119-120

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