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RESEARCH BRIEFS Abstract of best poster at the Annual Research Forum of Queensland Institute of Educational Research, August 1997 in the category of beginning researcher (joint winner).

Single mother, the state and education in Australia

Karen Chalmers
PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Education
University of Queensland

These posters are graphic representations of the genealogy of the single mother in Australia, which I have been tracing through academic work, the media and women's stories. This was the first step in the research project entitled 'The single mother, the state and education in Australia'.

The Commonwealth government introduced the JET program (Jobs, education, training) specifically to enable single mothers to enter, or return to the workforce. While the Department of Social Security has self-evaluated the program, as yet no external research has been made which informs about the advantages or disadvantages of the program for its clients - single mothers and their families. The next step in my research will be to trace the 'real life' experiences of single mothers who take part in this program.

My interest in this research grew from my own experiences as a divorced mother with little education, who returned to study in order to re-enter the workforce. From the TAFE course which I initially began, through to my current position as PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Queensland, I have juggled single motherhood, work and study - not always successfully.

Sole parents and their children are among the most disadvantaged groups in Australia today. Further research and continued action in support of these families is vital in order to break the poverty cycle and to provide them with greater career and life opportunities.

Please cite as: Chalmers, K. (1997). Single mother, the state and education in Australia. Queensland Journal of Educational Research, 13(2), 85. http://education.curtin.edu.au/iier/qjer/qjer13/chalmers.html

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