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Contents of Volume 13, 1997

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1997, Vol. 13, No. 1
Graham Maxwell Editorial 1-5
J. Joy Cumming Attracting girls and women students to non-traditional areas 6-16
Don Alexander and Peter Galbraith Stories of transition: From students to teachers 17-32
Jenny Miller Case study in second language teaching 33-53
Jean Searle Apprenticed to the academy: Mature age students entering university
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Lenore Ferguson Assessing literacy: Beyond the frosted pane 71-90

1997, Vol. 13, No. 2
Graham Maxwell Editorial 1-3
Marilyn McMeniman One hundred years since Dewey: Back to the future for educational research? 4-13
Dawn Penney and Brad Fox 'At the wheel or back seat drivers?': The role of teachers in contemporary curriculum reform 14-27
Doug Wyer, Patrick Danaher, Ian Kindt & Beverley Moriarty Interactions with Queensland show children: Enhancing knowledge of educational contexts 28-40
Bernadette Baker Anthropology and teacher preparation: Some possibilities and precautions 41-58
Margaret Sakrzewski Accounting for cultural diversity: Issues of equity and authenticity in assessment with particular application to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 59-76
Research Briefs
Patrick Lewis What is recovered in reading recovery? 77-82
Mary Oliver An analysis of the notion of competence across the practice of three groups of nurses in the field of medical and surgical practice 83
Jenny Miller Second language acquisition and social identity 84
Karen Chalmers Single mother, the state and education in Australia 85

1997, Vol. 13, No. 3
Graham Maxwell Editorial
Graham S. Maxwell Competency based assessment and tertiary selection: Background context and issues 4-15
Roger A. Peddie Some issues in using competency based assessment in selection decisions 16-45
John Wilmut and Henry G. Macintosh Possible options for differentiation in competency based assessment 46-70
Graham S. Maxwell Future directions for competency based assessment 71-84

Notes for contributors
Notes on QJER and QIER
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