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Contents of Volume 14, 1998

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1998, Vol. 14, No. 1
Graham Maxwell Editorial 1-3
Shani M. Doig, Claire M. Wyatt-Smith, J. Joy Cumming and Jill Ryan The evolution of language education within official accounts of Queensland curriculum 4-44
Bruce J. Howden Using action research to enhance the teaching of writing 45-58
Kathryn Roulston Music teachers talk about itinerancy 59-74
Jackie Walkington Girls selecting mathematics and science: Making choices and having expectations 75-88
Allan Doring, Bob Bingham and Ann Bramwell-Vial Beginning university: Transition or change?
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1998, Vol. 14, No. 2
Graham Maxwell Editorial 1-3
Claire M. Fletcher-Flinn, Campbell Yahya White and Tom Nicholson Does Reading Recovery improve phonological skills? 4-28
Nola Purdie, Thomas A. O'Donoghue and Catherine da Silva Rosa Goals and coping behaviours: The development of a model for international students 29-56
Gabrielle Matters, John Pitman and John O'Brien Validity and reliability in educational assessment and testing: A matter of judgement
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