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The J.A. Robinson Memorial Lecture is an annual lecture sponsored by the Queensland Institute for Educational Research (QIER) to commemorate the contribution of James Alexander Robinson, BA, DSO (1888-1971) QIER, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the educational community. The first J.A. Robinson Memorial Lecture was given by Professor G.W. Bassett in 1972. This year's lecture is the 29th, taking place on 23 August 2000 [Robinson Memorial Lecture 2000]

J.A. Robinson entered the teaching service of the Queensland State Education Department in April 1901. He served as a teacher at New Farm State School until 1914 with periods of leave in 1912 and 1913 during which be studied full-time for the Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Queensland. In February 1914 he was appointed to the staff of the Queensland Teachers College. He was awarded his B.A. in 1915.

In May 1915 he joined the Australian Imperial Forces and served in the field with distinction during World War I, rising to the rank of Lt Colonel and commanding officer of the 26th Battalion and receiving the DSO. In a famous incident, he was instrumental in capturing the Mephisto tank from the German army. This tank is now in the possession of the Queensland Museum.

At the end of the war, he returned to his position on the staff of the Queensland Teachers College. In 1924 he was appointed officer-in-charge of Teachers College Evening Classes and in 1925 he became Principal of Rockhampton Technical College. In July 1935 he became Principal of Queensland Teachers College, a position which he held until his retirement on 30 June 1954. He was a member of the University of Queensland Senate from 1953 to l960.

In his youth J.A. Robinson was an outstanding footballer and cricketer. At the University of Queensland he was awarded a blue in cricket and became captain of the University XI.

Throughout his life, he remained close to matters with which he had earlier interests: he followed cricket and football all his life; he was an active member of the United Services Club; and after retirement he continued for many years in teaching activities of one kind or another. He was well known and well regarded in the community as an athlete, scholar, soldier and teacher. But his most outstanding contribution was as Principal of the Teachers College.

Following the establishment of QIER in 1930, J.A. Robinson became a member of QIER in 1935. From 1939 to 1954, he represented QIER with distinction on the governing council of ACER. 1 The J.A. Robinson Memorial Lecture is an annual event sponsored by the Queensland Institute for Educational research (QIER) in memory of the Queensland educational leader J.A. Robinson. The 2000 lecture took place on 23 August 2000.

[Robinson Memorial Lecture 2000]

Queensland Journal of Educational Research, 16(1), 30. http://education.curtin.edu.au/iier/qjer/qjer16/robinson-mem-lect00.html

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