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Contents of Volume 16, 2000

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2000, Vol. 16, No. 1
Graham Maxwell Editorial: Discourse level and focus in educational research 3-6
Colin Power Globalisation and education in the twenty-first century

    The J.A. Robinson Memorial Lecture 30
Jeffrey P. Dorman Validation and use of a short form of the university-level environment questionnaire 31-55
Beverley Moriarty, Peter Hallinan, Geoff Danaher & Patrick A. Danaher All I know is what I learned from my colleagues: Reflections on research from Australian traveller education 56-75
Chi-Hung Ng & Nan Bahr Knowledge structures and motivation to learn: Reciprocal effects 76-106
Errata 107

2000, Vol. 16, No. 2
Graham Maxwell & Vivienne Watts Editorial: Contemporary issues and research on children and youth 113-116
Robin Sullivan Protecting and promoting the wellbeing of all children and young people in Queensland 117-129
Jeannie Herbert Getting to the heart of the matter: The importance of the Aboriginal community voice in education 130-146
Philip Marsh Truancy or absenteeism? A school governance perspective 147-157
Christine Eastwood Children seeking justice: Surviving child sexual abuse and the criminal justice system 158-182
Susan Gair & Peter Camilleri Attempted suicide: Listening to and learning from young people 183-206
Howard Cassidy & Vivienne Watts Using drama to relieve the oppression of school bullying 207-224

Notes for contributors
Notes on QJER and QIER
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