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Editorial 10(1)

This first issue of Queensland Researcher for 1994 contains three papers from the very successful Panel Discussion on the (Wiltshire) Review of the Queensland School Curriculum (Shaping the Future) held at St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace. The papers by Peter Lennox (Headmaster, Brisbane Grammar School), John Pitman (Director, Board of Senior Secondary School Studies) and Lloyd Logan (Lecturer, University of Queensland) were presented as responses to an input paper by Professor Ken Wiltshire outlining some of the key features of the methodology used in the review and some of its major findings. The papers by Lennox, Pitman and Logan provide three quite different perspectives in response to the review, raising issues of methodology, political context and potential impact of the recommendations and contribute significantly to the debate regarding the review.

The remainder of the issue contains two papers by 'local researchers', emphasising the important contribution of Queensland Researcher to the sharing of findings of completed studies as well as providing networking opportunities for the researchers themselves. Readers are reminded that the Annual QIER Research Forum provides an additional opportunity for sharing and networking - completed studies and those in progress can be 'displayed' at the Forum. Over 100 people attended the 1993 Forum with some 50 research'displays'providing the focus for the evening. Details of the 1994 Research Forum are provided in the enclosures with this journal.

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