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Contents of Volume 10, 1994

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1994, Vol. 10, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 10(1) ii
Peter Lennox Three papers presented in response to the (Wiltshire) Review of the Queensland School Curriculum (Shaping the Future)

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John Pitman 7-11
Lloyd Logan 11-16
Mike Danaher Summary report of a study investigating issues of concern to the effective teaching of listening skills to beginning students of Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) 17-25
Janis Boyd and Susan McCadden Trial by profile: Report on the trialling and validation of the Draft National Arts Profiles 26-45
Maj Reugebrink The humble school teacher's dilemma: Reflexion on the paradigmatic debate 46-53

1994, Vol. 10, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 10(2) v
INVITED ADDRESS - JA Robinson Memorial Lecture
Glen Evans I need to raise my expectations: Helping student teachers to reflect 1-18
Neville Fry, Debra Cunningham, Jill Manitzky Knowledge and competence for beginning teaching 19
Sue Howard Parent involvement in the introduction of Human Relationships Education in Queensland state primary schools 19
Reg Allen, Deborah Turnbull, Erica Travers, Georginia Webb Recent publications from the Board of Senior Secondary School Studies, Evaluation Research and Development Division 20
Ralph Catts Vocational Education and Training Research Institution (VETRI) 20
Ian Gibson Consortium for Educational Research in Rural Australia (CERRA) 20
Frank Crowther Principals, professional development and problem-based learning 21
Jill Borthwick Networking for academic staff development in higher education 21
Cheryl Sim The preparation of future secondary teachers: an investigation into the importance of subject matter knowledge in initial teacher education programmes 22
Dulcie Patullo Years 1-10 English Language Arts implementation in secondary schools: three contrasting case studies 22
Michele Anstey, Geoff Bull The culture of literacy in small Australian communities 23
Merrilyn Goos Knowledge, beliefs and learning processes in the development of teaching skills by student teachers 23
Graham Maxwell Current research in the Graduate School of Education, the University of Queensland 23
Robyn Gillies The effects of structured and unstructured cooperative learning groups in students'behaviours, interactions and learning outcomes 24
Geraldine Castleton The integration of regional adult literacy service infrastructures with adult literacy teacher education and training 24
Usha Padayachi Prevalence and nature of child sexual abuse in Queensland and school counsellors responses 25
Anne Jobling Overview of current research (Schonell Centre) 25
John Knight The Australian Education Council, 1987-1993 26
Ian Hay Comparison of a Queensland student population for two measures of self-perception 26
Asinate Samate National development and education in Tonga: A critical policy review 26
Bruce Howden An investigation into reporting students' writing achievements using descriptive assessments 27
Fiona Bryer 101 developmental psychologists: preliminary survey data 28
Jill Ryan Queensland adult and child/ESL literacy research network nodes 29
Shirley O'Neill, Peter Varley A review of forums 29
Val Ingham Assessment of Performance Program 1993 30
Julie Straughair Research into the comparability of tertiary entrance schedules 31
Ian Goodwin The use of prerequisites in selecting school leavers for higher education 32
Majbritt Reugebrink TEPA's research publications 32
Barry Cameron How far is too far for tertiary entrance? 32
WILTSHIRE - Another perspective
Dianne Reardon Implications for the Catholic sector of quality assurance initiatives 33-39

1994, Vol. 10, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 10(3) ii
Barry McGaw Standards from a curriculum and assessment perspective 1-18
Bruce J Howden Queensland's Student Performance Standards: A litmus test for the independence of independent schools? 19-23
Joy Cumming, Graham Maxwell Undertaking collaborative school reviews: A guide for collaborators 24-30
Book Reviews Education with Its Eyes Open 31, 34-36
Conceptual understanding in social education 37-38

Notes for contributors
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