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Editorial 10(3)

This final issue of Queensland Researcher leads off with a paper of strategic significance for education by Barry McGaw, Director of the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER). The paper is reprinted from the 1993-91994 Annual Report of the ACER and we are grateful for permission to make it available to readers of our journal.

Also in this issue are papers by Howden on student performance standards, a topic of high interest in Queensland at the moment particularly following recent government decisions regarding the (Wiltshire) review of curriculum ("Shaping the Future") and by Cumming and Maxwell on school reviews. This latter paper provides some first hand observations of the collaborative school review process used in state schools in Queensland and offers some advice for those undertaking the process.

Two book reviews by Brasher and Tainton complete the journal.

Please cite as: QIER (1994). Editorial 10(3). Queensland Researcher, 10(2), ii. http://education.curtin.edu.au/iier/qjer/qr10/editorial10-3.html

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