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Editorial 11(1)

This edition of Queensland Researcher contains papers addressing aspects of alternative teacher education processes, an analysis of graduate employment statistics and a case study of principal turnover in fundamental Christian schools in Western Australia. These papers cover a diverse range of issues for readers of the journal. Danaher, Moran and Harreveld investigate possible future relations between teacher education and vocational education in Australia while O'Leary argues that universities will need to address the discrepancy between employers' expectations of graduates and their actual performance if they, the graduates, are to retain their 'favoured' position within the labour market. Through a case study approach, O'Donohue and Hill investigate the high rate of principal turnover in fundamental Christian schools in Western Australia, concluding with a challenge that the issues so identified should be explored in greater depth and in other states in Australia.

In addition, we are able to publish the available papers (in some case the summaries of the papers) from the Institute's Panel-Discussion on Shaping the Future held in July. They will provide a record of the discussion for those who were able to attend on the evening while also providing and outline for those who were not able to be present. Rout's paper provides an overview of the key initiatives taken to date by the State Department of Education regarding Shaping the Future. Elliott Burns and Howden respond from the perspectives of Catholic and independent schools respectively, raising emerging challenges of the proposed changes for their schools. Pitman outlines the actions taken and planned by the Board of Senior Secondary School Studies in response to Shaping the Future.

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