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Editorial 11(2)

The Queensland Institute for Educational Research is pleased to publish the abstract/ summaries of presentations from the 1995 QIER Annual Research Forum. Once again, the Forum was very successful, attracting almost 30 displays and 80 visitors. The Forum was formally addressed by Professor Stephen Kemmis.

The QIER Executive would like to acknowledge the support provided by the educational community for the Forum, which is now in its fifth successful year. We would encourage readers to follow-up information from the abstracts about particular displays in which they are interested to develop informal networks among the educational research and evaluation community.

Also published in this issue of Queensland Researcher is a paper by Dr John Watts (University of Central Queensland) titled, Girls' Nominal Participation in Mathematics: A Preliminary Investigation'. The paper reports a pilot study regarding perceptions of young girls to mathematics. The comments of the girls reported in the paper are of particular interest, challenging teachers perhaps to critically think about the type of climate they create in their mathematics classrooms.

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