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Editorial Comment 2(3)

This is the last issue of 'Queensland Researcher' for 1986. In reviewing the three issues published, the Editorial Panel has attempted to provide papers reflecting the diversity in interests and backgrounds of the Institute 's membership and the Journal's wider readership while maintaining a basic commitment to publishing those with a research thrust. Reactions from readers to earlier issues have been positive. Further comments are welcome as are suggestions for inclusion of papers focussing on particular aspects of educational research or for whole issues devoted to a particular theme. Contributions are very welcome - papers, reactions to papers in earlier issues, material for the Journal's regular features such as Studies in Progress, Book Reviews and Thesis Abstracts. We encourage you to send material you think might be appropriate for consideration by the Panel.

You may have noticed ISSN numbers (of the National Library of Australia) for the first time on the Contents page of 'Queensland Researcher'. The Australian National Bibliography (ANB) lists books, pamphlets, serials, printed music and microforms published in Australia and received by the National Library within two years of their publication. ANB is circulated widely in Australia and overseas.

ISSN is a unique code for the identification of serial publications, which can be used wherever information on serials needs to be recorded or communicated.

The ISSN system provides subscribers, booksellers, publishers and librarians with a simple and accurate method of identifying a particular serial, even where there is more than one serial with the same or a similar title.

In addition, 'Queensland Researcher' is indexed in the Australian Education Index. These two processes assure the Journal's exposure to a potentially very wide audience. We believe they add considerably to the Journal's prestige and prominence in publishing quality material on significant issues in education generally and educational research in particular.

Please cite as: QIER (1986). Editorial 2(3). Queensland Researcher, 2(3), 2. http://www.iier.org.au/qjer/qr2/editorial2-3.html

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