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Contents of Volume 2, 1986

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1986, Vol. 2, No. 1
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L. Smith An educational version of MAUT 34-42

1986, Vol. 2, No. 2
Website editor is seeking a copy of Volume 2(2) to enable its inclusion in this online archive

1986, Vol. 2, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial Comment 2(3) 2
Judith Hewton In support of an interpretative mode of naturalistic inquiry in educational evaluation practice - responsive, illuminative and democratic evaluation reviewed 3-11
Larry Smith An introduction to structural modelling 12-23
John Nash A case study of some strategies and outcomes addressing the issue of 'equity': In-service organisation and evaluation 24-34
C. Pegolo English language development across the curriculum (ELDAC) - an action research project 35-41
G. Postle Curriculum change in Queensland primary schools: An ethnoparadigm analysis 42-43
A. Rohde A comparison of abilities of young children on pattern reproduction tasks as a function of modality and pattern complexity 43-44
STUDIES IN PROGRESS Distance Education Satellite Trial: School of the Air - Mt Isa. (Progress Evaluation Report) 45-58
AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH Consultant Services Division - Roles and functions 59-60
BOOK REVIEWS Doing Your Own Search: Basic Descriptive Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities 61-62

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