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An overview of Tertiary Entrance In Queensland: A Review

Report of the Working Party on Tertiary Entrance, established by the Minister's Joint
Advisory Committee on Post-Secondary Education and the Board of Secondary School
Studies at the request of the Queensland Minister for Education, July 1987.

This investigation of all aspects of tertiary entrance in Queensland was initiated because of a concern, both in the community and in the educational systems, about the ways in which Queensland secondary school students and others qualify for, and gain entry to, courses offered by Queensland tertiary institutions.

The origins of the Working Party lie in a Board of Secondary School Studies (BSSS) decision taken in February 1983 to establish a (Tertiary Liaison) Committee to meet with representatives from the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) and/or tertiary institutions to:

In February 1985, it was agreed that a Working Party be set up under the aegis of the Board of Secondary School Studies and the Joint Advisory Committee on Post-Compulsory Education to make a thorough review of entry procedures to tertiary institutions.

In March 1986, the Queensland Minister for Education publicly announced that the Working Party's investigation was under way.

The terms of reference were:

To review all aspects of entrance to tertiary institutions in Queensland.
This report contains the results of an intensive and searching two-year review of tertiary entrance procedures in Queensland, together with recommendations for change and improvement.


It should be noted that some action has already been taken in response to a number of the recommendations put forward by McGaw, e.g. Numbers 37, 12, 48. This situation arises as a result of the McGaw paper being presented in 1988. It is considered important, in this instance, however, to leave the entire paper intact as context for the Maxwell 'Reflections'.


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