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Contents of Volume 5, 1989

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1989, Vol. 5, No. 1
Editorial Panel Editorial 5(1) 3
J. Hewton The Rise of the Developmental Music Curriculum - An Aesthetic Approach to Music Education in Queensland 4-14
J. Dungan and G. Thurlow A Review of the Research Literature on Students' Attitudes to Mathematics 15-18
N. Cranston A Summary of Results on Process Skills and Science Concepts for Primary Pupils in Queensland 19-23
M. Byrne and C. Grieve A Summary Report on a Recent Survey of Bicycle Helmet Wearing by Students in Years 1 to 12 24-28
J.H. Dooley Primary Science Implementation - The Decisions and the Strategies for Change 29-30
J.M. Ziviani The Performance of Handwriting in Children with Spina Bifida 31-32
J.A. Clarke The Influence of the Content and Structure of Curriculum Materials and Dialogue on Achievement in Science 33-35
G. Bull The Representation of Moral Dilemmas in Australian Children's Literature from 1966 to 1981 36
PUBLICATION REVIEWS Books for Every (Secondary) Teacher - Professional Development 37-43
NOTICES Grants-in-Aid for Education Research Projects - National Heart Foundation of Australia 44-45

A Seminar on National Testing and Assessment Programs 46

1989, Vol. 5, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 5(2) 3
Ken Imison Issues in Senior Secondary Education 4-22
QIER An Overview of "Tertiary Entrance in Queensland: A Review" 23-25
Barry McGaw Comments on "Tertiary Entrance in Queensland: A Review" 25-44
Graham Maxwell Reflections on "Comments on Tertiary Entrance in Queensland: A Review" 45-60
NOTICES Conference update - AARE Annual Conference 1989 61

1989, Vol. 5, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 5(3) 3
Professor Diana Davis Listening: A Natural Environment? 4-22
Neil Cranston, John Dungan, Christine Grieve A Review of the 1-10 Mathematics Inservice Project: An Interim Report of an Innovation in Teacher Inservice Education 23-26
Research Services,
Division of Curriculum Services,
Department of Education,
Evaluation of a New Senior Secondary Subject
     Small Business Studies 27-32
     Australian Social Investigations 33-35
     Tourism 36-40
John Dungan Gender Differences in Reading Acquisition and the Phonemic Awareness Capacities of Preliterate Children 41-43
Jacqueline Cumming Children's Cognitive Performance on the Addition Facts and More Complex sums: The Development and Importance of Automaticity 43-48
Claire Smith Standard Specifications in English 48-50
Jill Borthwick Becoming a Teacher: Intending teachers' constructs of the experience of pre-service teacher education 51-53
Janice Chee Seven Keys to Successful Study 54-55
Jayne Kelly Your Child From One To Ten 55-56
NOTICE OF PUBLICATION Decentralisation and the Curriculum: Effects of the Devolution of Curriculum Decision Making in Australia 57

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