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Editorial 7(3)

This is the final issue of Queensland Researcher for 1991. As you see from perusal of the journal, considerable space has been given to the exploratory studies of student needs in non-state schools in Queensland. As part of the process of implementing government policy on needs-based funding, six schools were identified early in 1991 for quick studies of their perceived student needs.

In most of the schools visited, the researcher was considerably surprised by the extent of the apparent needs. There was evidence to suggest that some of the schools operating in Queensland at present are severely disadvantaged because of their geographical location and the nature of their school population. The state of the economy has contributed to the downturn in some schools' viability. While their staff believe that such schools have an important role to play in the education of Queensland children, reality dictates that, without an influx of funds, some have little possibility of maintaining their current educational condition, much less of considering expansion and development.

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