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Issues in Educational Research, 2022, Vol 32(1), 248-263.
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The political climate of English language education in Iran: A review of policy responses to cultural hegemony

Mehdi Moharami and Samran Daneshfar
Monash University, Australia

Education policy seeks to define the purpose of schooling and design the educational sphere according to authorities' objectives and people's needs. Governments set policies and principles to reach their intended goals in education, preserving people's values and culture. Many countries provide learning foreign languages in their curriculum to address modern life challenges. English and Arabic are the two foreign languages in the Iranian public education system. Recently, Iranian politicians have begun to criticise the hegemony of English and blame it for changes in the nation's culture and identity. Therefore, they implemented restrictive measures on English language education in the public curriculum; however, they did not change language education in the tertiary education policy. These changes failed to significantly impact the position of English in Iran for several reasons. The present study reviews the stated political climate of English in the Iranian higher and lower education system. We assess the gap and differences between teaching general English and English for specific purposes regarding Iranians' needs and propose an interpretation for a better language education design. We highlight the gap between Iranians' and authorities' educational objectives, pointing to the value of education to people in the current globalised world.
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Authors: Mehdi Moharami is a recent PhD graduate in education at Monash University, Australia. Mehdi researches the influence of English language learning on identity formation and practices of language learners. Mehdi is interested in language policy, culture, TESOL, language learning and social practices.
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6435-8501
Email: mehdi.moharami@monash.edu

Samran Daneshfar is a PhD candidate in education at Monash University, Australia. Samran was a primary teacher and English as a foreign language teacher in Iran. His areas of interest are applied linguistics, language education and cultural-historical theory in language education.
Email: samran.daneshfar@monash.edu

Please cite as: Moharami, M. & Daneshfar, S. (2022). The political climate of English language education in Iran: A review of policy responses to cultural hegemony. Issues in Educational Research, 32(1), 248-263. http://www.iier.org.au/iier32/moharami.pdf

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