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Contents of Volume 32, 2022

Number 1 IIER 32(1) was published on 7 March 2022.

Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath Editorial 32(1): (i) Translated from ... to English; (ii) To ban, or not to ban? [HTML]
Amani Khalaf H. Alghamdi, Wai Si El-Hassan and Mashail Alattiq Preparing Saudi women educators for teacher leader roles in accord with societal expectations of Islamic leadership [Abstract]
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Nader Ayish Student perceptions of an engineering course co-taught by an English Instructor at an EMI university in the UAE [Abstract]
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William Hamilton Bicksler and Peter Hannah The devil's advocate role in asynchronous online discussions: Asian region undergraduate perspectives [Abstract]
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Wiets Botes, Boitumelo Moreeng and Moeketsi Mosia Pre-service teachers' experiences of a lesson study approach as a form of student support [Abstract]
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Meryl Pearce Churchill, Daniel Lindsay, Melissa Crowe, Lauretta Grasso, Diana H. Mendez, Nicholas Emtage and Rhondda Jones Lessons learned while searching for meaning in doctoral completion metrics: An intra-institution case study [Abstract]
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Vanessa J. Collins, Isaac W. Dargan, Rosalind L. Walsh and Margaret K. Merga Teachers' perceptions of the benefits and challenges of a whole-school reading for pleasure program [Abstract]
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Katie Fielding and Karen Murcia Research linking digital technologies to young children's creativity: An interpretive framework and systematic review [Abstract]
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Abel García-González, Inmaculada Aznar-Diaz, Marķa Soledad Ramírez-Montoya, José María Romero-Rodríguez Needs and expectations of university students: Learning from the impact of Covid-19 upon 9 Spanish universities [Abstract]
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Boli Li, Jenene Burke and Margaret Plunkett Deep or surface learning? Perceptions of Chinese international and local students in Australian universities [Abstract]
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Tomáš Lintner A social network perspective on formation of peer relationships in Czech lower-secondary classrooms [Abstract]
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Geoffrey W. Lummis, Julia E. Morris, Catherine Ferguson, Susan Hill and Graeme Lock Leadership teams supporting teacher wellbeing by improving the culture of an Australian secondary school [Abstract]
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Michael Methlagl Mapping inclusive education 1980 to 2019: A bibliometric analysis of thematic clusters and research directions [Abstract]
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Mehdi Moharami and Samran Daneshfar The political climate of English language education in Iran: A review of policy responses to cultural hegemony [Abstract]
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Shashi Nallaya, James E. Hobson and Tamra Ulpen An investigation of first year university students' confidence in using academic literacies [Abstract]
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Nhung Nguyễn University-community partnerships in language teacher education through work-integrated learning [Abstract]
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Marianthi Oikonomakou, George Frazis and Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis Greek language learning in Australia's Northern Territory: Building learning communities and cultural identity [Abstract]
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Gulen Onurkan-Aliusta and Hasan Ozder What teachers teach and how they teach it: A case study on fidelity of implementation in Turkish Cypriot schools [Abstract]
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Cherry Zin Oo, Dennis Alonzo and Ria Asih Acquisition of teacher assessment literacy by pre-service teachers: A review of practices and program designs [Abstract]
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Joshua Sarpong Research and disciplinary differences versus funding allocation in New Zealand's higher education system [Abstract]
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San Yee Tay and Biao Li Phang Mind mapping software to aid academic writing: Pre-service English language teachers using i-Think maps [Abstract]
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