Issues in Educational Research

Contents of Volume 5, 1995

Andrew Taggart Editorialiii
Rod Chadbourne Curriculum makers or curriculum takers? The influence of tertiary selection on secondary schools1-9
P. G. Cole The bell curve: Should intelligence be used as the pivotal explanatory concept of student achievement?11-22
Graham B. Dellar The impact of school-based management on classroom practice at the secondary school level23-34
Bob Peck & Karen Trimmer The late birthday effect in Western Australia35-52
L. T. Pike, A. I. Thompson & L. J. Thompson The Youth Challenge project: Models, measurement and mentors53-70
Ann Welch The self-efficacy of primary teachers in art education71-84
Martyn Wild Analysing children's talk in computer-based cooperative groups85-104
Martyn Wild Book review105-111

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